Digging Deep – Soul Searching

Digging Deep – Soul Searching

Digging Deep

The last time you had sex, was it urgent or essential? Consider masturbation or sex with a partner.

Both urgent and essential. It was the night before last and we had been relaxing in the garden after a lovely sunny day. We both looked at each other and knew it was time for sex. We went indoors and he sat on the couch. I immediately got down on my knees in front of him and undid his flies. His cock was almost ready. I took my top off and caressed his cock with my breasts, then slipping it into my mouth. I began to tease the knob by flicking my tongue across the tip. He was now rock hard and came round behind me and spread my legs slightly. Pushing me face down on the sofa he thrust into me. Fucked me hard spanking the side of my arse at the same time. It was great!

What should you stop doing? Why?

I should stop drinking so much alcohol. I would not stop completely as I enjoy it too much. At dinner I like a good red wine; cocktails, too many to mention and I make them myself; and of course champagne.

What makes you feel strongest? Sexiest?

I think I feel strong, alive and very sexy when I make up and dress up for a date night with my man. I can go for days on end without makeup, just in jeans and shirt. So suddenly such a contrast makes me and him feel very horny.

When do you feel vulnerable?

I felt very vulnerable when my man and I decided to embark on our relationship. The feelings he evoked in me left me in a bit of spin with feelings of vulnerability I wasn’t sure how to deal with them. I am fine now as our relationship has time and stability behind it. I do occasionally feel venerable about getting old

Digging Deep – What is missing from your sex life?

Huh what’s missing from my sex-life – its got to be me not being as flexible as I was at 20 😉

Bonus: If you left your current lover, what would you miss the most?

Too many things to list. So I will settle for saying two things. Physically, I would miss his hands. Mentally, I would miss the diverseness of his brain.

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