Discovery ~ Early Sexual Behaviour

Discovery ~ Early Sexual Behaviour

I have been skating around writing this post for the erotic journal challenge and Wicked Wednesday, as for me early sexual discovery – along with all the technicalities – goes back to before I was  sixteen. However, after reading Julie’s candid post, I was spurred into action.

Early Days

I won’t go into detail in this post as to why or how I was sexualised early. That account has been told elsewhere. But I remember from the age of about ten I was very curious about sex. I really don’t think this was wholly to do with my past. But it did mean that from a young age I knew about things a child shouldn’t.  So I became part of the girls and boys who by the time they were ten, or before, were doing the –

“You show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”

Goodness knows what it is like now kids have mobiles from such a young age.

Anyway, I became close to a boy from my primary school and we agreed to meet – for the purpose of showing and maybe touching. Only he didn’t show up. He was possibly nervous.

When I was twelve a schoolfriend and I stripped naked and explored each other’s bodies somewhat. She was more developed than me. We looked at our similarities and our differences. It didn’t feel like a big deal. It was very natural.

But luckily for me, I was not going to be led astray, or indeed lead anyone astray, as I became rather awkward to look at – gangly and a late developer. Boys steered well clear. This meant that I didn’t really have a proper sexual encounter until I had just turned fifteen and met a slightly older lad at a party.

Fooling around

Afterwards, he took me home via the graveyard and I remember us laying on the grass and feeling his stiffness pushing though his trousers on my leg. I wanted more, I had been masturbating for a year or so and already craved for another person to do that for me but my religion told me it was wrong. So I objected as he tried to get his hand inside my jeans. Once again I went home untouched.

I started seeing a lad who lived about a mile away when I was nearly sixteen. We met at the youth club. He was only a year older and highly intelligent. On our first date, he took me to the woods and had his hand inside my knickers before I knew what was happening. He was very forceful and I ended up with a swollen mouth and love bites. Probably the type of guy I would have wanted a few years down the line – but he scared me to death so I said goodbye to him.

By sixteen the ugly duckling had transformed into a swan and a posh boy from the private school began dating me. I was so attracted to him that every time we got together I was in seventh heaven. One night we got off the bus a stop late to walk through the park to his house. Under a tree, he kissed me, so passionately. Then, opening my blouse he caressed and kissed my tits in the moonlight. It was hot as fuck 😉

Jim and Sex

In those days I had trust/attachment problems, same as now, so when a tamer chap asked me out I dumped my posh tottie and Jim and I became an item.

Looking back I don’t regret it as we had a great time together. Lost our virginity, travelled. Grew up. We didn’t really think about any sexual technicalities,  just got on with doing what we wanted. I suppose, even though I was not overly attracted by him, he was the perfect first boyfriend for me because he was sexually enterprising.

He had a well-sized dick too – not that I realised until later in life when I had seen a few more, but when we first fucked it did take a while for him to get it in my cunt. Jim and I established the trick of orgasming together during intercourse. Apparently, it is not particularly common. I carried on doing this with all my partners until my man – maybe I will write why and the associated technicalities another day.

Back to Jim. As I mentioned our experiences helped us grow up together. I was on the pill and he wanted a lot of sex. My first holiday abroad was with Jim, in the South of France. I remember arriving shattered and laying down on my front. Within moments he spread my legs and kneeled between them on the camping mattress. I was dozing slightly but he just carried on. After removing my knickers he pushed his dick inside and fucked me until he came. At the time I was a little aggravated but looking back I find this scenario very hot. He wanted sex and used me for his pleasure. Go, Jim!

Jim’s bucket list

He also had a sexual bucket list of things he wanted to try so my early sex life was adventurous. He never spanked me though. I think that was probably down to having been brought up well, thinking he should never hit a girl. He was the first person to tie me up – we were seventeen. We also took a trip to a Soho shop together to buy a vibrator. He really enjoyed incorporating the sex toy into our play, more than any of my partners have since.

Getting Older

Then I fell in love with my best friend Vic. The early sex days were over. I was somewhat experienced and was well up for trying to seduce Vic. Not that he needed much persuading.

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6 thoughts on “Discovery ~ Early Sexual Behaviour

  1. I’m not sure anything can compare to the excitement of my early sexual experiences, learning all these new naughty things! I love posts like this as they take me back and also I get to see how different everyones journeys have been.
    Aurora x

  2. I really enjoy reading other people’s stories of sexual discovery. In many ways we are all similar…and yet so varied in how we develop our likes and dislikes through experience.

  3. It sounds as if Jim was an important part of your sexual education and development. I reckon if I’d had a Jim things might have been different, not that I am complaining. As always an informative and candid post xx

  4. It is so fascinating to read this post. It’s is the second really interesting early sexual experience discovery post I have read today and it is making me think about my own experiences. I love the way you write too. Something about you expression and style captures what I imagine was the teenage you ❤️

  5. I love reading about the sexual history of others. It’s interesting to see how our sex lives have developed.

    Rebel xox

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