does that make me a witch

Does that make me a Witch?

I wrote a post last week about The Road not Taken.

Most of you who read my blog will know how positive I usually manage to remain even under adverse circumstance. But in The Road Not Taken I allowed my self to look back in anger. This happened because of a birthday celebration. Often at Christmas people seem to get more emotional, my daughters 21st was my catalyst. I don’t like writing in a negative way. It is not at the heart of me. But on that day, for that topic I needed to. And you know what? That’s fine. Once I had written it I felt a whole lot better. It helped me put things into perspective and once again move away from that time.

I have a feeling that some who read found it uncomfortable. Maybe the theme made them  reflect on  their own paths when they didn’t really want to. Personally I do think it is imperative that we question things we have done as well as things we want to do. It helps us to grow and understand ourselves better.

The decision I talk about in The Road Not Taken was made because of love and wanting so be true to myself. You can’t do more than that really.

 I re-read the article a few days after posting and took away these quotes:

it is not even that I think I made the wrong decision.

STOP… all this embittered talk will get me no where.

after all, some people only ever live one life. Already I have lived many.

I wanted to affirm that even amongst the negative I had written some vaguely positive things. This was an important thing for me to do because I believe in Karma.

Does that make me a witch?

When people are going through a tough time I always tell them karma will out. It is the way of the world. Many people don’t believe in such a thing but to me it is truly something that I think makes the world go around. What we do, and how we behave will impact on our personal future.

I know all of my experiences – good and bad – make me who I am today. And I continually try and move forward and better myself. Seb acted badly towards me and I really think karma has played a part in the way he is today. He’s not evolved at all. He struggles to interact in a civilised manner and behaves badly to many people who think differently from him. I mentioned in the post that I think if I had stayed I would now feel nothing, just empty. But because of the road I did take, every day I feel so much. Be it good or bad, happy or sad, anger, compassion, love, lust. I can witness all of these feelings in just one day.


I read the tarot cards.

Does that make me a witch?

As I am giving a reading I can see karma weaving through a person’s chosen cards. Reinforcing why I think Karma is all around us.

When I first started looking into this principle I learned about karmic debt. This is kind of like a pile-up of negative energy resulting from bad behaviors a person has exhibited. So one could say Seb may have karmic debt which is why he appears to struggle as a person. I was once told by a witch that I don’t have any karmic debt.

Does that make me a witch too?

Apparently this is a good thing. You get rid of karmic debt by continually trying to be strong,  sincere and accountable for your actions and generally attempt to view things positively, cutting out negative people from your life and treating others the way you wish to be treated.  I do endeavor to do all of this – I don’t always succeed but life is a learning curve.

And so I have read not having any karmic debt  means all of my choices are completely my own – which is why I said in my last post – the choices I made are my responsibility. I am in charge of my own destiny.

Does that make me a witch?

These legs are not witches legs…

But these legs are


Last Week on Sinful Sunday I thought this image was Hot!

Does that make me a witch?


23 thoughts on “Does that make me a Witch?”

  1. Your thoughts here made me reflect. I think karma does the work it should often, but (and I’m slow on writing because of work is I missed this topic) there are things I regret so I wonder if I have some debt. I don’t know if it’s because of bad things, more not always making the choices best for me. But, as you’ve demonstrated, you can only go forward

    1. I was told a person has karmic debt for things they shouldn’t have done concerning others. It is a strange concept. And whereas I do believe in Karma – I can’t say I really understand karmic debt x

  2. Fabulous legs, witchy or not. As for the ‘road not taken’ post. I agree there were some amazingly personal accounts for the meme including yours. It is good to look back and wonder, to allow emotions to creep in and to be angry. But I guess the important thing is what you do next. Letting go is almost as hard and focusing on the anger. But in the end you have to do it.

  3. It’s interesting that you ask the question whether your beliefs and choices make you a witch. Very simply puy, I don’t think it makes you any more of a witch than that it makes people that choose to believe or not believe in god. We all find ways to live life in a way that works for us, and I believe the strength lies in coming out and being proud of what you stand for. Also, honestly, if you were a witch, how cool would that be?!

  4. I think if that all makes you a witch, many of us are witches too, including me. I have done so many things in my life, and frequently have seen those who have hurt me or who have been unfair to me, get their share of ‘bad luck’. Karma. I try to do good. I try to be strong. I AM strong. I have lived through many things others will never be able to cope with, and of that makes me a witch, so be it. One thing I frequently say is that we are all the makers of our own destiny, and I truly believe that. No one else makes the decisions for us, and every decision we make takes us on the road to the destiny we have chosen, because we made that decision. Life is a series of choices. Great post, May!

    Rebel xox

  5. If it does than I think I am a witch too

    “I am in charge of my own destiny.” This is something I have thought a lot about lately as I assess where I am in my life now and where I want to be. I know I am in control and that is a very good thing


  6. We are all more than one thing, no one is just good or bad, strong or weak. We are the result of all the decisions we have ever made, and al the things that people have done to us. The positive and the negative. Our past shapes us, whether we want it or not. Your legs are both the beautiful legs can be wtichy or not, depending on what perspective you clothe them in.

  7. I like Kis’ point about writing being a ‘straightener outer’ it is for me and you definitely work through things with your posts – that is evident.

    I do feel that you have the skills or sensitivities of a witch May & I think you use them for good/positive results – not just on yourself but within the community.

    Your legs look great naked & clad in witchy stockings – perhaps that’s your gift – drawing on the ‘cunning’ mantle as & when you need it. Great progression ftom previous post to this one xx

  8. Those legs you walked that path on and both glorious and I’m sure occasionally witchy. The path is rarely easy or smooth but it’s still the way you went. Interesting post x x
    Missy x

  9. I have tarot cards, and I do sometimes read them. I also think things happen for a reason. I didn’t find your post uncomfortable either, just your feelings on the situation. I do love the witches legs image in the stripy socks but the bare legs are also witchy… a witch usually calls on the maid, the mother and the crone, the 3 ages of woman… ?

  10. I didn’t find your post uncomfortable as I think these things make people real. No one is positive all the time and you have had your shit to deal with. I respect and admire your openness and honesty and it didn’t read as a different you, only as a different part of you. All of those parts go to make you who you are, even if some rarely show up to the party.

    Your comments about karma are interesting and I can testify to being on the receiving end of your witching, You always seem to know when I need something and are highly attuned which is odd considering we are an online friendship. I am not sure how you do it but it is as lovely a part of your witchyness as your fantastic legs. Whether striped or bare, they are stunning. missy x

  11. Great reflection May, especially ‘Personally I do think it is imperative that we question things we have done as well as things we want to do. It helps us to grow and understand ourselves better.’ Sometimes working through that understanding may not appear as ‘positive’, and as you say, that’s ok. I’ve been a little sensitive to positivity/negativity in my own blog after a comment I received. But sometimes things take a little working out to move through or past. The notion of karmic debt is really interesting and I’d definitely say you’re a good witch, particularly with such wonderful legs! I’d be interested in a tarot reading too! My grandmother had an uncanny ability to read the tea leaves when I was a child, and my mother went through a period of unnerving premonitional dreams. Maybe I’m from witches too…

    1. Thanks Kis – I do the dream thing too 😉 – and yes sometimes things do take a bit of working out – and as we know “it is ok to not be ok” – so I think it’s ok to sometimes rant while u are being “not OK” – if u get what i mean. 😉 And as far as your blog is concerned – it is your space – I am fine with comments that don’t necessarily agree with what I have written – I am all for free speech – but TBH I nearly kept comment closed on The Road Not Taken as it was bloody difficult to let myself feel “safe” enough to write it – so keeping that in mind I knew it would be difficult for some to read. But I like to hear what people have to say so left them open. I knew I would do a follow up like this as writing straightens me out x

      1. I understand the feeling of letting yourself feel safe enough to write something and the worry about how others may feel reading it, and how they may respond. Writing is definitely a straightener outer though!

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