Don’t mention it

Don’t mention it

I wrote this back in May. The tale below happened to someone I know well. I folded the events into a story for ease of reading and call it fictionalised. It has beed updated for this weeks Food 4 Thought prompt of Me Too – because I think the movement should be for everyone. Sexual assault can happen to those of any gender or sexual orientation.


F4Thought #116 don't mention it
Don’t mention it

AND- Just because someone shows signs of sexual arousal doesn’t mean they want to have sex. Arousal is not consent…

Maybe there should be a warning to this – “based on true-life tale?” I don’t know.  But I do think it is an important topic/story that deserves to be told – and needs to be read.

An Unmentionable Tale

“Okey doke, Pete. See yer tomorrow,” I winked as he left the club with his hand firmly groping Blondie’s arse.

Yeah, he was in for some action with… What was her name? Jan or Pam. I don’t know I am dreadful with remembering that type of thing. Turning to Sue – I’d been talking to her for the last hour so I would be proper thick if that hadn’t sunk in – I asked  if she wanted another vodka and coke. Of course she did.

Our drinks were free as Pete and I were the main act’s support  each Friday night. He sang, I played the piano. There were always chicks waiting off stage when we finished. Sue (Red) and her mate – Blondie, looked like goers so they were the lucky ones that night. Trouble was after chatting to Red for a bit she really was not my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t that fussy, but sex was not something I found ‘ard to get.

It wasn’t the way she looked. She was sexy enough in a dirty slut kind of way. But there was something about her that told me to steer clear.

I thought if I offered her another drink and we just chatted,  she may get the idea that I didn’t really want to go down the same path Pete obviously had with her mate.

“Ta, Si. You know, I come here every week to see the band. Fancied you for ages. I told Pam. I said to her- he’s got those brooding good looks.”

She pushed her firm titties up against me arm and then put a hand a little too close to me tackle.

I shifted along the sofa, and she shimmied along beside me. It was hopeless. In fact we were still sitting there drinking when last orders rang. With Sue flashing her false eyelashes any chance she got.

There was nothing for it, I’d have to drop her home.

“Ah thanks Simon. You’re boss.”

“Don’t mention it.” I meant it too. I just wanted to get on me way back to the pad I shared with the lads in Lewisham.

We jumped into a cab and I told her to shout through her address.

Once in the car Sue put her hand on me thigh again and started to squeeze. Her head fell on me shoulder, she was drunk alright. When we arrived I realised I’d have to take her up to her flat. She lived on the third floor and I could tell the cab driver was as worried as I was that she may have trouble finding her way.

The club had an account with the taxi company– so I told him to wait. I’d be quick.

As soon as we rounded the corner to the concrete steps that led to the first floor landing the air hit our faces and she perked up. By the time we got to the second she trapped me against the corner walls and snatched her leg in-between mine, grinding her hip bone against me cock. Glancing down at her overly made-up face I began to talk,

“Listen Sue, let’s get yer home…”  I’d hardly finished the sentence when her tongue thrust into me mouth.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me a little bit  ‘ard. It did. God, I’m only human. But I managed to wrestle an arm around her waist and pull her up the last lot of stairs to her flat. Then, she couldn’t seem to get the key in the bloody lock. What a night this was turning out to be.

Taking it from her I wiggled it into the keyhole until I heard it catch, then really shoved my weight against the door to get it to open. I think the damp weather had made the seal a bit sticky. Anyway, the force threw me into the hallway with her tottering behind.  She stumbled  back against the front-door and it slammed shut.

“Right, Sue. I’ll be off now.”

I made to leave but she was still in front of me and by the looks of it wasn’t about to budge. Somehow I tripped over her leg and fell onto the floor. I’d had a few to drink me self, keeping up with her. Before I could move she was on her knees next to me and plunked her arse across the top of me legs. Her fingers made light work of the zip and I never wear boxers so she had me mate out in a jiffy, like putty in her hand.

Within moments she bent her head and took it into her mouth. The warmth of her tongue circled the shaft and suddenly I was ‘ard as fuck.

“No  –  Sue  –  give a guy a moment. I gotta go.”

I tried to move but she was taking no prisoners. As I fell back on to me elbows she pulled her gusset aside, angled my cock and fucking straddled me. I couldn’t move.

Opening her blouse, she lifted her bra and  rubbed the pink flesh around her nipples, almost in time with her hips jerking up and down.

I was powerless. Sounds stupid doesn’t it? But it’s the truth. I love sex but this was wrong. Even as I spurted my load into her cunt and she shifted position slightly, to take pleasure by putting pressure on her clit, I felt violated.

Roughly pushing her off. I stood, and zipped up. Then, grabbing the latch of the door I snarled,

“Cheap bitch. Don’t you dare tell anyone about this. Do yer here me?”

I got back to the cab. I’d only been gone for about fifteen minutes. I was grubby and sick to the stomach.

She never turned up at the club again and I didn’t speak about that night for years.

I was ashamed – and embarrassed I hadn’t managed to stop her.

As far as I was concerned it was an “unmentionable” – so I didn’t mention it to anyone.  I don’t mention it.  But when I read about chicks who have experienced this kind of thing,  I just wanna shout out  – it can happen to a bloke too yer know…

Don’t mention it – is a fictionalised account of something that actually happened in the 1980’s to a man I know and shared with his consent! I’ve been meaning to write about it for some time. After seeing this post from Melody and the Wicked Wednesday prompt I decided now was the right time.

In case you would like to read  some more true stories that I have fictionalised.

The header photo is from Pixabay.

Consent - Don't Mention it
Consent – Don’t Mention it
don't mention it and I didn't want to ever mention it
#362 Don’t mention it

30 thoughts on “Don’t mention it

  1. I loved reading this, as much as someone can love reading a dipiction such as this. However, i do think its important, there is an element of shame involved and i feel like a lot of guys dont feel like they will be taken seriously in incidents like this. That somehow if they were aroused or didnt fight them off that they are somehow to blame, its harrowing but i feel its good to mention the unmentionable stories so people dont think they are alone in this.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting – it is a bit of a taboo thing – as technically a girl can’t rape a guy but my friend felt like he had been raped for sure

  2. I really enjoyed reading something written from the male perspective. I know that statistically male to female assault is statistically more likely but I think that this can leave incidents which do occur the other way round, hidden. I am pleased that you highlighted this, and thanks for adding it to TMA. missy x

  3. An interesting story. As a man I can’t imagine being raped/assaulted in this manner since I assume I wouldn’t get hard. But then I’ve read some women who are raped/assaulted can also experience a physiological response too, despite their no consent. So I guess it’s the same – which is why it’s great that you’ve shed more light on the subject through your story.

    1. I really appreciate your support of my blog Lexy – and many thanks – I have not forgotten a question you asked me a while back regarding how I go about thinking about a story and then writing it – will write a post about it soon x

  4. When talking about rape and sexual assault it’s probably ok to say it happens to men too. But let me ask a couple of questions. Did the man in the story feel his life was in danger? Does he now fear women? I mean the way a woman would fear for her life and fear men after a sexual assault ? This kind of thing doesn’t help in any debate

    1. Hi Peanut
      Thanks for commenting. This post was not written to be part of any debate. It was merely fictionalising a true tale to put across a different point of view. The theme here is CONSENT, not whether the guy felt in danger or not. And you ask did it have an impact on him? Yes it bloody did – in ways that are too personal to discuss in a comments section of a minor sex blog such as mine!
      This is not a competition between men and women – ANY sexual advance, where consent has not been given, is wrong.

  5. Thank you so much for taking up this topic, May! It is so very important to talk about that men can just as much be victims of sexual assault and rape as women are. It is never about how your body reacts, it is about your consent and how it makes you feel.

    1. Hi DS – I so agree – I remember once a partner was asleep on the sofa – really deep – and I began to rub his crutch – i know “I’m naughty” – he got hard and he didn’t even know it was happening!

  6. That’s the thing, it definitely happens to guys. Poor gent. It’s easy for men to turn it into something to laugh about, but no one wants touched without their consent. It’s not okay. It was a well told story, May

  7. This story made me cringe and you were right to share it, as indeed this happens to men far more than we realize.
    Brilliant writing, May.

    Rebel xox

    1. Thanks Marie – I’m glad you felt it – I wanted the reader to feel bad with him – even though he still had sex with her – she was in the wrong x

  8. I can tell you mean business when you start dropping “H’s” in your prose. It is a good thing for everybody when we look at situations and scenarios from the other side of our interactions and transactions. An excellent tail and well told MM. Cheers.

  9. Fantastic post and story May! I love how you incorporate the accent so it reads that way in my head. Now onto the important part- you hit the nail on the head. Too often men will not discuss something like this as it demoralizes them. They think they will be seen as weak, so they tuck it away until something triggers them.

    1. Thanks E.L – I agree it should be talked about more and am pleased I finally got around to writing this – but as I say – it’s an unmentionable for so many reasons x

  10. Absolutely May! These are #metoo stories with great validity. I watched a lot of daytime TV when this topic broke and I was shocked how many men this had happened to, and how their shame can have worse consequences because of misconceptions.” How can a guy get molested – if he got hard then he must’ve been willing? ” melody pointed out that the male suicide rate for after these types of incidents are high.

    Your dramatisation & story telling is as polished as ever – great dialogue & it really felt as if Si was trying to keep it light until the end when events overtook him & then he felt violated & bitter – who can blame him?

    1. Well of course it is not classed as rape as it does not fit the legal definition of – a penis must penetrate a vagina, anus or mouth without consent –
      I know you will remember our conversation about this topic last year x

  11. “I was grubby and sick to the stomach.”

    I think this is what is often missed about these situations. The popular belief is that he should have a big grin and add another notch to his bed post. The truth is that a man can feel as used, unclean and sick as any woman following such an assault and never be able to tell anyone.

    Thrilled you took the inspiration to write this from my post.

    melody xx

    1. When I was told about this I really got that he felt violated and ashamed – I tried to get that across but also didn’t want to make him out to be an angel – cause he wasn’t – thanks Melody x

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