Dream Life ~ Reality is Immaterial

“How was your day-dream?” I ask noticing that not only do Karen’s freckles across her nose seem more prominent than usual her golden hair is shining brighter too.

“Oh boring. Work. Missed the bus. Burnt my supper. Thank goodness it’s over and I can get on with reality. Couldn’t wait to shut my eyes, zone out and see you.” Karen smiles and for the first time I am aware that she has dimples.

“I don’t see you in my day-dreams just the sleep ones. Sometimes I wonder which are real. Is it possible to actually exist in both?” I ponder.

“Ah com’on Rain. Don’t be an idiot, why would all the tedious stuff we go through in the day-dreams be real? That time is just simply a way of us letting go and breaking down any worries and stresses we have. Like therapy without the cost. This is where we are really living. This is where we are really free.”

We’re both laying on my bed naked. The summer sun is streaming though the window. A beam of light cuts across my tummy and Karen turns on to her side – small, plump, breasts nudging against my arm as her fingers gently trace the line of yellow light across and down my torso ending up in the crook of my left thigh, where it meets the downy pubic hair.

She flattens out her hand pushing the palm into my fleshy pubis looking me straight in the eye. My breathing quickens waiting – wondering will she slide a finder along my slit. Tease my sex?

No instead she quickly runs her hand up to my waist and goes in for the dreaded tickle. Involuntarily my knees shoot up as I push my head into the pillow and squeal,

“Noooo. Karen. Stop.” But can’t help giggling as I protest.

“OK. OK.” She lays back down. What did you do in your day-dream then.” She asks?

“Me? Well I went to the Uni library to return some books then straight on to my evening job at the club. Fought off a few pervs and drove home. Couldn’t wait for now. So had a Valerian tea and within minutes was looking at you.”

“Surely you agree then? Here in our dream life we have it all. This is heaven. Time seems immaterial. The other world is just purgatory.”

Without waiting for an answer. She straddles me. Her silky thighs clasping my hips as she leans down and our mouths meet.

“Don’t touch,” she orders using one hand to hold my wrists above my head. Then, her tongue flicks at a nipple before pursing her lips and sucking it in to her mouth. All the while pressing her mons into mine. Our buds meet and tangle. Pushing and pulsing. Swelling. Wanting and giving. I can hardly hold back, but I wait until she lets go of my arms, slides down my body and her tongue finishes what she started.

What she always starts in dream life.

This 500 word Flash is dedicated to Posy for her wonderful depiction of early girl on girl fun.

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15 thoughts on “Dream Life ~ Reality is Immaterial”

  1. I seem to have missed this last year, glad I got to read it now. Gotta admit, that day-dream stuff is pretty tedious and obnoxious. If my night dreams were anything like these, I’d prefer to stay there too 😅

  2. Very tantalizing. Even though it’s short had my brain engaged and pussy wet as well as my mouth watering for a taste of a bud

  3. This short, but such a warm and touching work draws the reader into its wonderful world. And the photo that accompanies it, with such warm iridescent highlights, sets the perception of the text.

  4. Very thoughtful and ejoyable May. Even in a short piece you say so much as well as tantalise the reader with lines like ‘our buds meet and tangle” xx

  5. Hey May – thank you for feeding back that my writing inspired you!

    I sens that real memories drive this short piece of fiction too, lending it authenticity and a poignant note of something precious that you may (or may not have) grasped at the time. Wonderfully golden.

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