In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams

Less than 200 word Flash.  The kind that Dreams are made of 😉

Written in March 2019 but updated in August 2109  for #fantasySmutFriday

The Boss


“It tastes a little like sour candy,” Gen stated, licking her lips.

“No one has ever said that before, but more than glad you like it,” Lance replied, extending his forefinger to affectionately stroke under her chin.

Brushing his hand away she continued. “A hint of mint too.”

“Ohh, interesting. Can you smell that or are you simply picking up its flavour?”

“No, there’s not a minty scent at all. There is a slight whiff of bleach though.”

“And there was me hoping someone would bottle it and make it into a perfume,” he said, the corners of his mouth turning up into a grin.

“In your dreams,” Gen laughed, using the cuff of her blouse to wipe away the semen escaping from her lips. “Just be pleased I swallowed most of it and saved you from having to clean yourself.”

Zipping up his trousers, he opened the blind on the office window and replied, “I am more than grateful, Gen. Now be a good girl and get the Dawson file for me .”



Inspired by the Friday Flash prompt of Candy and the WickedWednesday prompt – Dreams.

Practising dialogue and writing in the third person (which I hardly ever do).

Header image used with kind permission…

Friday Flash #44 Candy
#354 ~ Dreams

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