Drugs ~ May Speaks to Nero

Drugs ~ May Speaks to Nero

I am writing this after reading a very interesting post from Nero regarding drugs. Realising my comment on his article was going to be too long I decided to pen this reply on my blog.

What is a Drug?

Drugs come in all forms – I know that now. Alcohol is one for sure and I drink too much. I enjoy a couple of cups of coffee a day. It’s addictive.  I also adore chillies, they provide such a buzz I feel they must be a drug.

Chillies are also very healthy. The high I get when consuming the very hot ones is not laden with the thought that I am doing something illegal. Marijuana is illegal but I do view it as a natural plant, like chillies. It’s all the synthetic, man-made concoctions I really don’t like.

Early Days With Drugs

When I was 18 I first tried marijuana. Not being a smoker, it never really had much of an effect. Guys would do a blowback – chance for them to put their lips on mine and fire the smoke down my throat. That was OK. A few years later my flatmate made some cookies – explaining it was a better way to get high. Well, it worked. Losing a complete hour of my life, where apparently I propositioned a co-worker and behaved like a slut before crashing out.

Vic and I were a couple at that time. He worked in the music industry so we were always at some party or other with joints being passed around. I just said no but continued to knock back copious amounts of booze. Nero pointed out that years ago the hard drugs were not so much on display as now, and I agree. There were people inside rooms or bathrooms doing the hard stuff not out in public. Vic and I were in love and had always, since teenagers, done everything together. So with me a little scared of the chemical mixes we steered clear, he was always rolling a joint though.

Hard Drugs

A mutual friend got hold of some LSD. Vic wanted to try it and asked me to give it a go. I was up for it initially, thinking myself very grown up. We arrived at the guy’s pad at the allotted time. He was not in. We waited for about 40 mins with no joy so went to the pub instead. The next day he called explaining the delay and we were welcome that evening. Something in my head clicked and I refused to go. Vic went and it was the start of his love-affair with mind-altering drugs that has been his longest relationship to date.

It was inevitable that after that first time he began to score at work too. Soon I was not keen on the parties. We split up but we have remained friends to this day. Every so often he tells me he still loves me, and because he knows I care about him, talks about the amount of Coke he still takes. I think he likes to see the concern on my face.

Drugs and My Children

As mentioned it does seem to be thrust in the youngsters faces far more than it was when I was an innocent. And I don’t think the drugs they buy today are as pure as some of the substances that were around years ago. I have a very open relationship with my children(both young adults), and am aware they have taken hard drugs. This never surprised me as I remember when they were small, I was with their father, and he would go out to a club once a month or so and get off his head on MDMA. He was not allowed home until the following day.

My man has spoken to my kids about what they have taken, with a no holds barred attitude – to try to keep them safe by providing them with knowledge. We have both spoken to them about the harm drugs can cause a person, physically, emotionally and mentally. By gaining their trust open discussion on the topic occurred frequently, and I am pleased to say that they have both chosen not to use them any more – grown out of them perhaps. I wonder how Nero would feel about his 16-year-old daughter taking drugs?

My Man and Drugs

I am happy for my man to advice my children on this matter as when young he was in a band, and literally tried every drug you could name before the age of 30.  Agreeing that the drugs bought years ago were less laced with extras – and that is the worry, what actually is contained in the add-ons nowadays. He remembers a time when even the people who sold the drugs seemed more responsible than the situations you hear about today. The manager of his band was older and wiser teaching them a lot about different drugs, consequently, he became savvy in this area.

He has not taken any chemical compounds for many years. What he could do with is cannabis oil, on prescription, for the Lyme disease. Cannabis leaves help with pain and other symptoms to some extent. The oil is known to work even better. A misdiagnosis of MS would have meant he’d be able to pop down to the local chemist and pick it up.

There you have it, my total lack of history where hard drugs are concerned. Please excuse me if I have referred to terms incorrectly – I really am not that well versed on the subject. Looking back I don’t think I was trying to be Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. Being genuinely scared at the lack of control drugs could induce and felt/feel far more comfortable drinking alcohol – but do admit this is also an addictive substance.

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18 thoughts on “Drugs ~ May Speaks to Nero

  1. I’m with you and a lot of the other commenters on here. Hard drugs scare me because of the damage they can do. Not just to the individual but to the people they care about too. Not to mention the crime that often goes with them.
    I’m aware it’s an individual choice but I’d rather stick with coffee and alcohol!

  2. I was sheltered and reserved as a kid and fairly conservative/religious in high school and college. I didn’t drink until I was 21 and didn’t get drunk until well into my late 20s. Only once on the drunk thing because I hated how I felt the next day. I’ve only done one puff of marijuana and that was a few years ago. Work prevents me from trying it again because I’m drug tested regularly. I just don’t have much in the way of desire for it though. I’d rather get high being spanked then with drugs

    1. Yeah I agree – a good spanking gets the adrenalin going – maybe that’s why I first got into it – all around were people getting high and I didn’t want to on drugs and even though i drink too much I never get so drunk that i lose control. Control is important to me i think.

  3. Very good post May – for me I have the same fear/attitude that Molly described – not liking anything that doesn’t make me feel like me! I’m a bit of a control freak too, and don’t even like the out of control feeling alcohol brings! I agree though that being open with your kids and de-mystifying things really is worth it, unfortunately I have no expert like your ‘man’ and OH and I have limited knowledge. I have a brother who has taken his life down some spectacularly bad paths, so perhaps that is q big danger sign, but being at uni in a big city, I am sure they have the opportunity to try – I just hope they are sensible and restrained. Nero’s post educated me!

    1. Yes Neros post was a bit out there for sure – I did not like the not in control feeling either – I never get so drunk that I experience it but do drink too often 😉 xx

  4. I have never really been into anything that makes me feel, well not like me. I have been drunk probably a dozen times in my life and I have smoked weed on a few occasions which I used to enjoy but apart from that not a thing. The whole idea of them scares me ridged. How the hell do you know what you are putting in your body? I have tried very hard to apss that onto my kids, smoking weed is one thing but the moment you take a pill or a powder then that is different. That is when you are ingesting a poison and there is no guarantee it won’t fuck you up or even kill you.


    1. Totally agree with you – I found the conversation with my kids quite difficult at first but soon realised it was best to know what was going on and the funny thing was it almost seemed to become less taboo when we discussed it and low and behold not such a thrill – so i am thankful they know the dangers and even though they have been involved have on their own accord stopped. xx

  5. A heartfelt and mindful post May – one which hits lots of buttons for me. As you may recall I wrote about the impact of drugs on my life in a post “3 songs and a hirsute man ” a little while ago. Like you I’m highly suspicious of the newer generation of drugs around and thankful that my own and my daughters intake is now immaterial. Both my father and brother died of liver cancer in their 60’s – in dads case it was probably alcohol related. In my bro’s it was related to years of experimenting with whatever chemicals were available in the music and art scene he was always involved in.
    As you mention, addiction can come in many forms – though I don’t share your thing about chillies, there are many other foodstuffs that may eventually contribute to a fatty liver and take me out the same way as the males in my family.
    But I’ve seen enough of the social damage that occurs from drugs and alcohol to be grateful that these are not an issue for me and my immediate family, and I’m appreciative that you wrote this article and shared it with us.

    1. Thanks Indie – So sorry to hear about your dad and brother – My man lost many friends to drugs when he was a young man- can you leave us a link here in the comments to your post “3 songs”? xx

  6. I have once eaten space cake, more or less liked the experience but never done it again. I have never ever tried or wanted to try anything else. Except coffee and alcohol ?

    Rebel xox

  7. I enjoyed reading this May. Very open & honest. I agree with you about the drugs of today and how they differ chemically from the drugs from 3-4 decades ago.

    1. thanks Cat – motivated by Neros post really – and the fact the drugs conversation has come up with my kids alot during the last few years x

  8. A lovely post May! I had a fun time last Friday night but I remained well in control, even if I allowed myself to get a little loose at times. I haven’t discussed drugs properly with my daughter yet, because whenever I try to she insists she would never try them and says she’s not stupid. Given she’s drinking illicitly at parties I have no doubt she’ll eventually try something chemical at some stage, so that’s a worry.

    1. It is something that should be talked about – mine said the same when they were younger but the drug peer pressure is quite strong nowadays i think

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