Ebony Scrooge ~ A KinK-Mas Carol Part 3

Ebony Scrooge ~ A KinK-Mas Carol Part 3

Ebony Scrooge – Story so far…

Part One from Posy Churchgate ~ It’s Christmas Eve and Ebony Scrooge – an agony aunt – is writing her advice as usual, demonstrating how closed minded & judgemental she is about anything but a vanilla/missionary position lifestyle.

At home that night she is visited by her deceased colleague/mentor, who has learned the error of his ways. He warns her that three spirits will visit her to show her what she’s been missing.

Part Two by Nero Black ~ The first ghost shows Ebony Scrooge some happy memories from when she was younger and experimented with kink. Ebony briefly has second thoughts about some advice she had published in the past.

Now the first ghost has gone Ebony tries to sleep.

A KinK-mas Carol Part Three

Ebony stretched her feet down to the bottom of the bed, raised her head slightly on the pillow and grabbed her sleep mask. Surely what her eyes could not see, the brain would not interpret.

She saw only darkness. Her heart slowed and mind drifted. Perhaps someone at the office had spiked her tea when she’d popped in to see the boss that morning? There was no other explanation. Ebony made a solemn promise she would discover the culprit and have them demoted. After all she was a senior at the magazine; carried a little clout. Those youngsters thought they knew everything with their bi-sexuality and non-monogamy. But she, Ebony would make sure they kept their ‘drugs’ to themselves from now on.

Yes. Ebony would once again balance the status quo but for now she would… sleep … zzzzz.

Immediately she fell under the sandman’s spell. Theta waves took over and dreams began to populate her subconscious. But what? Could she still be sleeping? Ebony sat bolt upright as the sound of music propelled her from her apparent slumber.

Removing the mask she could hardly believe her eyes. Ebony beheld some kind of theatre show. Could it be Rocky Horror in her bedroom? Only that was not Tim Curry tottering up and down the carpet, as if he was on a catwalk, in lacy panties, a basque and killer heels. It was her own kid-brother!

At least that was how she still viewed him. He was born the day after her seventh birthday. A belated present for his big sister, Mum said, so Ebony had treated Jack as if he were a gift. She adored her baby brother and from the very start they became inseparable. Indeed, she even had her own pet name for Jack; when they playing alone she would call him Jill, because he loved to dress up in her princess gowns. Snow white, Cinderella. But his favorite outfit was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Jack was Beauty while Ebony donned a beast’s head and became his Prince. When Ebony’s school friends Tessa and Chloe came round they would dress up in ball gowns and dance alongside Jack and Ebony, at the Beauty and Beast Ball.

What fun they’d had. But Ebony abandoned their games aged sixteen, when she started dating the boy from across the road. He was quite prim and proper. During sex he insisted, even though she was on the pill, that he use a condom ‘to avoid any mess’. The penetration was quick, clean and, well, methodical. Ebony suddenly remembered how after a year she grew tired of him, wanting more sexual excitement.

Just as her eyes were adjusting from the darkness of the blindfold to the vivid display of sexuality in front of her a voice echoed from behind. It sounded like… could it possibly be Tessa? Her old school friend had died five years earlier. Apparently she had been corn picking when a tractor mowed her down. The police recorded it as accidental death even though Tessa’s ex, who she had worked for, was at the wheel. The former magistrate claimed he just hadn’t seen her among the yellow corn heads. Tessa’s hair was the colour of straw and in summer she was always as brown as a berry.

“Ah, Ebony Scrooge. As you can see your brother has never forgotten the fun we had with him. On a weekly basis he likes to flaunt around the drawing room dressed for pleasure, and still today uses the very nickname you christened him – Jill.”

Ebony turned and squinted at a ghostly apparition of her old, dearly departed friend.

“Is … is that you Tessa?” Ebony stuttered. “I am so sorry about your accident.”

“Yes. A lesson for you Ebony… live while you can. Death comes all too soon. Your brother loves his wife and told her he loves her lingerie too. At first Melanie didn’t mind. She giggled and said he could borrow all he needed. But then, she read something in your column, Ebony. Declaring that only gay men wore women’s clothes.”

“Well, it…it isn’t right Tessa. Men should wear Y-fronts.”

Tessa bellowed at the top end of her ghostly scale, “ Why isn’t it right? Old-fashioned social rules dictate what people like you think. But humans are individuals with differing tastes and preferences. Change your ways Ebony! Your sister-in-law will leave your brother if she thinks he no longer finds her attractive. That will bring great unhappiness on him and the children. Is that what you want Ebony?”

“No, no! Jack loves her. And from what I remember of Melanie telling me about their frolics in the back of our father’s Volvo estate when they were courting, I would say – if he does like men – well, he rather likes women too.”

Tessa explained it was up to Ebony to right the wrongs she had committed before it was too late. A Christmas celebration with her family and a new agony column should do that.

“But, but I believe in traditional, solid family values and…”

Before Ebony could continue a misty vision moved in to replace the one of Jack. Thank goodness, she thought, there was only so much of her brothers cock squirreled up in Melanie’s panties that Ebony could bear to watch.

In front of her very eyes she witnessed the office manager, Mr Wilkins, asking his naked wife to kneel before him. Eagerly, Mrs Wilkins dropped to the floor, while he put a collar around her neck. He then ordered her to stand. She obeyed, head held low, and Mr Wilkins told her to go into the bedroom and be ready for the weekly ‘inspection.’ The scene wavered slightly and returned to Mr Jenkins positioned between his wife’s legs with a steel speculum, ready to inspect his submissive’s most intimate parts.

As the vision faded Ebony involuntarily brought her hand up to cover her face. Oh my she thought. Did such relationships actually exist? Yet Mr Wilkins and his wife had seemed so content. Mrs Wilkins was laid back on the bed naked, legs astride, willing. Ebony had caught the serene look of pleasure on the woman’s face as she watched her husband pick up the metal implement.

Tessa explained she would be leaving now but Ebony should pay close attention and wait patiently for her last visitation of the night.

And accompanied by a deep rumble of thunder Tessa disappeared.

Ebony lay back, certain now that a third spirit would appear, and wondered if perhaps she had been a little hasty trying to lump all people under the same sexual umbrella. Her eyes began to close and within moments the stimulating events she had just witnessed were left behind as sleep finally took charge of the conflicting views milling around in her mind.

To be Continued…

Part 4 from Posy

Part 5 – collaboration between Posy and me

ebony scrooge
Ebony Scrooge

With a massive thank you to Purple Sole and little gem for use of their header image. You can find their wonderful site here.

The idea for this short Xmas series about Ebony Scrooge was Posy’s. She invited Nero and myself to help her bring it to life.

Another 3rd person story from me here… This one has a content warning.

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  1. I like where you took the story, May, and how you ended it… or did you? Left it up to the reader to decide, or maybe Posy will bring on the third ghost. Loved your details and the scene your set for Ebony.

  2. I sure hope this is not the last of this story, as I desperately want to know if Ebony changes her ways. Brilliant piece of writing, May, capturing my attention from beginning to end.
    ~ Marie xox

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