Edge of Heaven and back again

Edge of Heaven and back again

Content Notice ~ Kinky Sex is discussed in this post.

I am certainly curious about edge play. What actually is it? Will it take me to the edge of heaven?

When I asked Missy she laughed out loud – online you understand – and said she often wondered how kinky I really was.

Now that was a curious thing to say as on the same day my man asked me a similar question regarding our date night schedule. You see our sexual play has been reasonably consistent but making time for actual full on date nights has lapsed a little – mainly down to me. With one thing and another 2019 was quite a stressful year. He wanted to know if I still enjoyed the kinky stuff my blog is known for.

Kinky likes

Their questions got me thinking and I came to the conclusion that I actually don’t know how kinky I am. But I am aware of what I like and what I don’t like in regards to sexy play in a relaxed atmosphere. However, I am unsure if any of it is edge play but perhaps you the reader can tell me.

Dress up

I like to dress sexily, be told to stand across the room while he stares at me and asks various questions. Maybe also ordering me to take off items of clothing.

edge of heaven


Blindfolds really add some spark to a date night.  However I get a little scared when wearing them as I am very visually aware. But I really appreciate the way I need to use my sense of smell on such occasions and how it disorientates me making me focus more.

edge of heaven


Being tied up or restrained is cool as long as I am well balanced. I certainly would not want to fall and injure myself so I prefer to be tied to things like beams etc.

edge of heaven
Edge of Heaven

I love to be hand spanked mostly. The crisp sharp sound and feel of a palm on buttock is just delicious. But I also enjoy being whipped and belted. My man makes his own whips and has been known to whittle a twig from a tree to use on me. I would really like to have some play with the cane and some household items as well.


Edge of Heaven
Face fucking

Being ordered to kneel and getting face fucked will make me wet. Getting used for his pleasure, without regard for me, makes me hot.

forced in a doorway
Hot wax

Wax play is also something I have enjoyed in the past. The heat of dripping wax and the wonderful feeling as it solidifies on skin is something I find really exciting. I think I would enjoy temperature play in general.

Treat me mean

Another thing I get off on is humiliating dirty talk. Being told I am a dirty bitch who has all her holes filled, works for me

Use me

I also like to be  hidden under a desk or table and told to suck cock while my man gets on with computer work or watches his choice of porn.

desk porn september 2019
Desk Porn

There are two other things I think I like but we’ve not involved them very often in our sessions. Firstly,  being pushed around a little. You know put in my place. And second, throat play. Where slight pressure is exerted during sex. This really increases the adrenaline.

If we include some of the above into a sexy session we will usually finish the fun by one or both of us climaxing.

No thank you

Then there are things I don’t like or would not want to try.

I used to have a mixed opinion about being slapped on my face. On occasions it worked well for me but it was a fine line so we have taken that out of our play.

Needles or knives don’t interest me.

Fantasies I have include watching my man being pleasured by someone else and me being fucked by two strange men. But I want these in my head not in my bed!

Intelligence tops the lot

Trust is extremely important. So any risky play will cease to be fun if you are not doing it with the right person. And for me the greatest turn on of all – if you want to take me to the edge of heaven –is  intelligence. My man has this in spades.

strong hands
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Edge of Heaven

18 thoughts on “Edge of Heaven and back again

  1. I’m definitely curious about some of these things. I’ve never tried wax play, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to try. I’m a little afraid of the pain of it, as I am kind of a wuss when it comes to pain. I often also wonder really just how kinky I can actually claim to be. I suppose it is all relative. If my mother knew the things I was up to, she’d be mortified. So, in that case, I suppose I would be considered quite kinky. But in relation to some of the bloggers I follow? I’m quite pedestrian in my sexual interests and exploits.

  2. As I was reading this post I was sort of counting up the things you listed and the further down the list I got I was like… yep, I do think you’re kinky! But then getting to the end and reading “And for me the greatest turn on of all – if you want to take me to the edge of heaven –is intelligence.” made me smile. Couldn’t agree more!

  3. I’m so glad you gave us this insight into your kinks. What I love the most about this post, and I just can’t get enough of it, is the picture you used for ‘Use me’. I loved it in an earlier post and I just can’t get my eyes of it. xoxoxo

  4. You definitely sound pretty kinky to me but I can understand the feeling that you aren’t sure and I feel the same way. I think when we do things quite a bit they can lose their edge – not in terms of enjoyment or pleasure but in terms of them feeling like they are pushing your boundaries and taking you to the edge of your limits. I think that for me, edge play would be right there on the boundary, in a place which feels a little scary and a little dangerous, and even a little crazy. (I can’t believe I am actually letting you do this to me, sort of thing.) That point won’t be the same for each person and those who regularly practice BDSM in the company of others probably go a lot further than HL and I do within the privacy and comfort of our own home. That being said, some of it still feels like we are moving into unknown territory and it can feel pretty edgy for us. Thank you for adding your post and for linking all of these great pieces. I am off to read and get some more good ideas! 🙂

  5. I think you’re pretty adventurous in your sexy play, and many of the things you have tried and decided you like fall into the category of kinky – certainly more than I can list. I think of all your ‘maybes’ temperature play is the most tempting for me.
    I keep meaning to play with ice and to chill my glass dildo and its easy enough to give a BJ after with a hot drink close to hand – I really should get on and experiment. Perhaps we can compare notes!

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