Eloise ~ Part Two ~ Every Hole

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Duke is standing there, eyes fierce, mouth drawn. Before I even utter a word his fist lands on my left jaw.

“Bloody woman” – I mutter and think about when I first met Eloise.

Eloise appeared when Duke came round at the end of the month to collect the rent. 

Any guy could take in an eyeful. But it was clear that she belonged to Duke.

To be honest it wasn’t all my fault. The way she used to glance at me from under her false lashes. I could almost hear her purring.

Eloise ~ Part Two

Every Hole

The month went in a flash of work, booze and sex. Yeah, I found a babe for a couple of sessions. More, actually. She became a regular fixture at the gig so I started taking her home. Easy pickings and enjoyable enough, but Eloise remained under my skin.

And like I had hoped she arrived alone for the rent with a bottle of wine in hand. She looked fabulous. An above the knee pencil skirt this time, and I could see the ridges of a suspender belt outlined on the fabric. I was satiated from the previous month’s input but the sight of her hot, slender body made my cock stir and my pulse quicken.

Eloise ~ Every Hole

She gave me the wine to open and perched on the side of my bed, crossing her legs provocatively, so I could just see the tops of her stockings. It was too much, she belonged to Duke but she didn’t seem to be paying any mind to that, smiling knowingly.

Trouble was written across her forehead.

It was evening and getting dark. I walked over to switch on the bedside lamp – the only option apart from the starkness of the naked hundred watt bulb hanging from the ceiling.

I reached behind her for the wire and she planted her hand on the top of my thigh within a scrape of my dick. That was it. I couldn’t stand any more of this bitch’s teasing. I grabbed her ponytail and yanked her head right back.

“What is it that you want?” I snarled.

She looked me straight in the eyes, with a slight smirk and replied,

“Haven’t you worked it out yet? I want you to fuck me in every hole and then cum on my face!”

Well, what’s a chap to do with an offer like that?

I didn’t hesitate. Still, with a fist of her hair, I moved round to face her and with my other hand undid my flies.

“OK, let’s start here,” I stated, gently rubbing the tip of my already erect penis over her glossy, cherry-red, lip-sticked mouth.

She looked up at me with her heavily made-up eyes and I was gone. I shoved my cock as deep into her mouth as it would go. Still holding her ponytail I began to use her mouth like a cunt, face fucking her hard. I could feel her throat contracting against my knob. She made some slurping,  gagging noises and I eased off slightly. Mascara-laced tears escaped from her eyes as she moved her mouth down to my balls. Licking and cupping them with one hand, the fingernails on her other digging into arse cheeks. She fucking couldn’t get enough.

I let her head go.

“Take your blouse off,” I ordered.

Still sitting on the side of the bed she slowly began to undo the buttons on her blouse, all the while keeping her eyes on my face. I couldn’t help but stroke my cock while she was stripping. Finally, her small tits were on display, perky and perfect. I dropped to my knees and darted my tongue over one nipple, tweaking the other with my fingertips. She moaned and put her head back. Pushing her body roughly down on the bed I hitched her pencil skirt up and just for a moment took in the scene before me. Her lily white thighs contrasted against the darkness of her stockings. Looked like a vision of heaven.

Quickly I removed her thong and buried my head in her cunt. She certainly was not a natural blond.

I lashed my tongue up and down her slit.  Lifting her hips slightly off the bed I drove deep into her arse, out and back, not rimming, but probing. She whimpered with delight.

I hovered above her as she lay there with everything on offer.

“OK bitch, what do you want now?”

“Fuck me,” she murmured huskily.

I needed no more encouragement. I sank my cock into her cunt, pushing her legs right up to her head to get in as deep as possible, and began thrusting. Her little titties began to jiggle in front of me, and I had to reach down and grab one. Her pussy felt great, warm and lush as I banged her hard and fast. Glancing down at her face smeared with mascara and lipstick, my cock already wanted to explode. But my job wasn’t over. Every hole, she had said so I still had one more to go.

Withdrawing, I told her to turn over. Panting, I leaned forward and putting a hand on the side of her head,  pressed her face down into the covers and hissed in her ear,

“Tell me you want my cock up your arse, you dirty little slut.”

She muttered something indistinguishable.

“I can’t hear you, louder.”

“Fuck me in the arse!” She exclaimed, as she tilted it upwards.

Looking at her peachy cheeks I couldn’t resist lifting my hand and bringing it down with a swift crack. Then I spanked her a few more times for luck.

Spitting liberally on my fingers I eased one slowly into her arse crack. She didn’t wince but just lay still.

“Good girl,” I said approvingly.

Inching forward I pulled my foreskin down and placed the tip of my knob at the entrance of her little arse hole.

“Open up for me Eloise.”

That was the first time I had used her name – I was in charge and about as horny as I have ever been.

Pushing forward my cock began to bore into her. That initial resistance suddenly gave way as she squealed and I was in, up to my balls. The muscles clenched tight against my shaft. I noticed she slid her hand between the bed and her cunt and began to finger her clitoris. Slowly, I pulled back and plunged forward, the immense sensations completely taking me over as I quickened my pace, every stroke pummeling her bum cheeks with my balls. Thrusting harder and faster. Groaning with satisfaction. Unable to stop. Primal and raw.

Her yelps sang out into the room. I watched the side of her face; her eyes rolled as she climaxed.

This brought me back to reality and I composed my self long enough to edge my cock out slowly. I had one more request to fulfill. Kneeling up beside her I held her head in place by what remained of her ponytail.  I was ready to explode for England. It only took a couple of tugs, as I shot my spunk at her face, assuring the last spurt landed on her boobs for my own satisfaction.

Falling down on the bed I laughed.

“Was that what you had in mind?”

My cum was dripping down her chin and along with the expression on her face she really was the cat who had got the cream.

Smiling, she went off to the bathroom and cleaned her self up.

That was last week and appeared to be the reason why Duke had just floored me.

Back to Real Time

I attempt to move and instead see his face leering down at me. Spitting in my eyes he growls,

“Consider that a weeks notice, I want you out.”

Leaving,  he adds, “ Nobody puts their hands on my property and gets away with it.”

 This post tells you a bit about my own personal experience with anal sex.

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23 thoughts on “Eloise ~ Part Two ~ Every Hole”

  1. It is great reading through some of your past stories.
    I love the raw intensity of the telling.
    The way she knows what she wants and the guy as clueless as we are in general until the obvious is smacking us in the face.
    I wonder how many other tenants Duke had to evict?
    Eloise sounds like a player who won’t stop till she gets what she wants.

    1. This story is based on something that happened to my partner when he was a young guy in a band – i would say 40% is fact – u just have to work out that 40 lol

  2. Not sure how I missed this two-part story, but damn this was hot! All the elements of your best work in here, natural conversation, subtle descriptions, force yet consensual, love it!

  3. What a post May! I could picture it very clearly from your writing. Makes me wonder how regularly Eloise (love the name BTW) tried it on with occupants of the room. I agree with Elliot about the Noir vibe too.

  4. I have truly enjoyed this torrid tale. “I knew this dame was trouble the minute she walked into my office.” is what she makes me think of. Eloise is trouble with a capital T!

  5. This is so hot n sexy
    i am thankful for Sassy Cat who sent me this way
    You have a new follower

  6. Phew! That was hot, great perspective and interaction.“Open up for me Eloise.” in my mind I read that as both authoritative and tender. My kinda story 😉

    1. Thanks – I wanted it to be “here and now” – but equally he is not a guy who doesn’t give a shit – even though he wants to have a good time 😉

  7. Eloise certainly got what she came for and so did I as the reader. I love the mixture of gentle humour and hot sex. ‘Primal and raw’ it most definitely was! CPxx

  8. Now I know why Duke punched this guy.

    My dear May, I think you are ready for the Smut Marathon, as this is as fine a piece of smut as one could imagine. You definitely got in this guys head and his voice came out of your mouth, or rather your keyboard. To say I am impressed would be an understatement. I got a noir vibe from the style of writing you chose, and what makes this so good is the humor you infused without it being overtly obvious. Love your descriptives like…Mascara-laced tears… little titties began to jiggle… naked hundred watt bulb And finally there’s this… I was ready to explode for England. classic May More.

    1. Thank you so much, means so much coming from you – I loved writing it – had to make it two parts as it got longer and longer 😉

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