Eloise ~ Part one ~ Under my skin

Eloise ~ Part one ~ Under my skin

I open the door and Duke is standing there, eyes fierce, mouth drawn. Before I even utter a word his fist lands on my left jaw. I stumble backwards and he takes a step forward swinging his other hand at my nose.

Thwack. I am down on the floor I can taste the blood rising in my nostrils and feel slightly dazed. But yeah, I suppose I deserve it. I attempt to move but fall back and lay still.

“Bloody woman” – I mutter and think about when I first met Eloise.


A few months earlier

I used to drink with Duke now and then in the Fox. When I needed a place to stay he suggested I have one of the rooms in the house he rented out. Good price too. I moved in with my guitar, ghetto blaster and one suitcase, went straight out and got drunk.


When I returned reality kicked in and I realised I had nothing to sleep on. Feeling a bit like a lost tiger I pissed in each corner of the room – marking my territory – and passed out on the floor.

The next morning I was aching like hell but god was looking down on me. I walked up the road to the corner shop and there on the pavement, outside the Chinese takeaway, was a mattress. Looked like new. I was just wondering what to do when Chang came out carrying the base.

“Hey mate, you chucking this out,” I queried hopefully.

Yeah, you want it,” He replied.

Ah, god is good.

“That would be great, don’t suppose you could give me a hand?”

Next day I found a table and two chairs in the charity shop and I was all set.

Eloise appeared when Duke came round at the end of the month to collect the rent. She tottered across the bare boards in high heels, a sheer blouse and tight mini skirt. Aged about 28 she was a good 5 years older than me. She had it all going on, in an upmarket tart, kind of way. Any guy could take in an eyeful. But it was clear that she belonged to Duke, a big fucker with hands like two lumps of raw steak.

To be honest it wasn’t all my fault. The way she used to glance at me from under her false lashes. I could almost hear her purring.

The following month she came alone to collect the rent. Pushing past me, her little titties rubbing my arm as she entered the room. I became cock alert, felt it throb in my jeans. It was early evening and very warm. I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and we sat at my table flirting.

When she left, with the rent in her pocket, she brushed her fingertips over my cheek.

“Bye handsome, see you next time”

I was now horny as fuck. My cock was straining to get free. I put a lid on it and went down to the Fox, on the pull. I don’t always set my standards too high after all the real goers can look a little plain on the outside, but these chicks were just downright rough. My own hand was looking more attractive. So I left alone.

Back in my bed, I toyed with my cock. Thinking of how the bitch had flirted outrageously with me. Laying on my bed I could almost see beneath that blouse. The pert nipples sticking through. The smell of her sex. In my head, my fingers slithered inside her moist hole feeling her juices and the flesh of her cunt.

My covers were off as it was a hot night, I could see my erect cock in the light of the moon shining through the window and thought about her looking at me with her bright blue, slutty eyes. The tip of my cock was peeping out from its fore skin. I pulled the skin over the tip and back, squeezing as my fingers caressed the end. What I really needed was a shag. It had been three weeks and I was getting tired of my hand, but what could I do? Eloise was filling my head and my balls.

I started stroking, slow and even, imagining her hands caressing my balls and the top of my thighs, my tongue flicking over her nipples. This image sent a pulse through my cock, fastening the speed of my tugs. It wasn’t long before I pushed forward and jerked my hand back quickly as I exploded into the air – my spunk cascading down. But I wasn’t quite done, again my hand pulled my shaft up and down as more cum spurted onto my stomach and chest. Groaning I lay still, ready to sleep.

Fuck this chick was literally getting under my skin.


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21 thoughts on “Eloise ~ Part one ~ Under my skin

  1. Oh I really love the beginnings of stories and to see where it takes me. This one has me curious!

    Rebel xox

  2. What a fabulous and wonderfully different story May. I too look forward to more… Love the Fox sign.

  3. Looking forward to seeing why Duke got punched in the jaw, and if the narrator got to fuck Eloise. Nice work from the male perspective, believable. The description of her little titties brushing his arm sent a little shock thru me.

  4. Great hot rumbustious story May with lovely characters. So good to see you writing from a man’s point of view. Oh those were the days, rent in cash being collected. Gorgeous description of a damn good wank. Bring on part two! CP xx

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