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Ten little letters ~  E R O T I C O N  U K

Eroticon UK ~ Ten Things

E is for

Eroticon UK and the Eroticon team who granted me a free ticket.  Also E is for the lovely Eye who let me share her room for no charge. She was tremendous company and I am so happy to have her as a friend. The whole Eroticon UK  Experience Exceeded my Expectations. I was surprised at how much I learned and Enjoyed the short time I was there.

R is for

Real People – and for the sake of this post, because it’s all about ten things, I will mention ten experiences – which is just a snipit – where I got to know people (not mentioned elsewhere), a little more.

The people I spoke to came across as very Real. Not trying to be anyone but their true selves. That is a very Rare thing. Normally at a conference, people are always trying to compete or pretend to be something they are not.

  • I spent a lot of time with Posy. We became friends as we realised a natural ease existed between us. We have made a pact to explore each others writing more.
  • Cousin Pons is such a humble individual. We had quite a few giggles on the Saturday going around the Sponsors stands. I very much enjoyed his company.
  • I really enjoyed the time I spent chatting to Missy and her husband about their blogs.
  • Luv bunny, who has such a good attitude, and I talked about many aspects of our lives.
  • Cara Theron was as beautiful and intelligent as I had imagined,
  • ILB was very welcoming the moment I arrived.
  • Isabella Lauren and I had a chat about our blogs and the way forward.

O is for

Optimism regarding my blog. Before Eroticon UK I was really wondering if I should continue with my writing. It takes up much of my time and for what? Well, I had so many lovely people tell me how much they enjoyed my blog, or that something I had written touched them. Along with learning about different ways to move forward. So now I feel more Optimistic about my blogging future. Girl On The Net’s speech reiterated this. Even if we think our influence is small she hit home that our words can change the world. It was such a delight being together with like minded people. I felt liberated and free. Being able to talk about sex and how we tackle different relationship issues was a joy. People were getting to know the real me – Something that does not happen in my general life.

T is for

Things I missed because of lack of Time

It would have been great to have attended on Sunday and listened to some of the delegates reading their own writing aloud.  Also, I would very much have liked to have had the Time to chat more to Marie. I have followed her blog closely over the last year, since her Mum died and I have been touched by her journey. Losing my Mum eight years ago has made me realise that grief is something that does not necessarily go away, it simply loses its edge as Time goes on.

I is for

Inspiring Ideas. The talks/workshops have very much inspired me. So many Ideas are forming regarding topics to write about. I am having to make a list – I realise it is my choice what I  write about. It’s my blog, my words.

C is for

Creative, Confident individuals. I never used to view myself as a creative person. The last few years have changed that as I have got more involved with my writing and realise I Can be Creative. Meeting so many other Creative and Confident individuals was really a happy place for me to be.

O is for

Organisation. Huge thanks to Molly, Girl On The Net and Michael – it was an incredibly well organised event.

Eroticon UK – Wellies are part of my Brand

N is for

Notes – I have loads of Notes to review, more Notes and lists to make and emails to send. I feel extremely motivated to make my blog and writing the best I can.

U is for

Unique opportunity for me. I would really recommend any erotic writer or sex blogger to attend Eroticon if at all possible. You will be welcome no matter how many years you have been involved in this industry. I have come away knowing my writing means something and if I can touch just a few people with it then I am doing a good job.

K is for

Knowledgeable Speakers and Sponsors.. There were many great speakers and workshops. I only attended on Saturday and these sessions very much had an impact on me.

  • Kayla’s speech regarding monetising a blog was very helpful. It won’t happen overnight, but hard work and constant output can reap rewards.
  • Remittance Girl discussed Taboo. This is a very sensitive topic which she handled brilliantly, challenging us all to step out of our comfort zone and write about controversial topics in an erotic way – transgress. I have a few ideas bubbling in my head from her talk.
  • Anna Sky spoke clearly and relevantly about self-editing. Some points I already use but she proposed many more that I will be trying out.

Here is a list of all the Sponsors – I had a lot of fun with these in particular:

  • – Mark chatted with me about their community and how a blogger like me could get involved with it.
  • LoveGiver – I really enjoyed meeting Calandra at the meet and greet. She seemed very familiar to me and I was happy to sign up to her and Tims project. A sex-positive community all in one place. What could be better?
  • Crescendo/Mystery Vibe – I can’t tell you how good this toy felt in my hand as I bent it this way and that. Kelly took me through all the speeds and explained the app to me. This is one sex toy I would love to try.

  • Hot Octopus – A very nice man in a kilt demonstrated to Cousin Pons and me various wonderful toys from their table – yes regular reader, I know you understand how good that was for me as I have a kilt fetish!
  • Bijoux Indiscrets – Their stand looked amazingly hot. I adore the look of their Maze products.
  • Rocks off with Ruby Glow – Of course, Tabitha designed the Ruby Glow and it was great talking to her about its story.
  • ElectraStim – I was very intrigued by this product and would love to try it out with my man. They gave me a fabulous demonstration and I could see how this product could get even better as technology moves forward.

So what has this got to do with this weeks Wicked Wednesday Prompt Sad – Well I loved it at the Eroticon UK conference and was a little sad to leave…

Sad to leave Eroticon UK 2018

16 thoughts on “EROTICON UK Ten Things”

  1. I am so glad that Eroticon has helped to spur you on with your blogging. I am one of those people who has greatly enjoyed your work here and would be very sad to see you give up


  2. This is a brilliant roundup, May, and like you, I am so sorry that we didn’t have more time to talk. We need to change that next year around and just find a quiet corner to talk 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. Wow! Wonderfully crafted round-up! I can relate to much you have noted, but you seem to’ve got more toy/equipment demonstrations than me. I loved meeting you and spending time, and yes a true friendship has blossomed, but totally agree that everyone there was so approachable and open to bonding and sharing information. We are part of a generous, open community and I love it! Hear Hear John Brownstone, wish I could double or treble the time I spent chatting to each person!

  4. A brilliant report May and so imaginatively done. I am sure those who have never attended will want to after reading this. It was a wonderful experience for me and meeting you and giggling with you is something I will never forget. CP xx

  5. It was so wonderful to meet you, my wish is that there was more time to talk to everyone as it seemed everything was a bit of a whirlwind. There is always next year.

  6. What a lovely way to post about the event. I so enjoyed meeting you too and look forward to keeping in touch. Thank you so much for the shout out too ? missy xx

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