The Essence of Desire

The Essence of Desire

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It is plain and simple I desire my man even though at times I may not express this response.

Switch – Turn on, turn off

I think this could be because I do seem to possess a switch. I can turn my desire on or off. It probably has something to do with disconnecting. Not to mention trust. But when I am rational and feeling secure and content the desire I have for him is always there or just below the surface. It doesn’t dissipate.

The Essence of Desire – an A to Z

What is DESIRE to me? It has a lot to do with how my man and I interact.

D is for Dirty

To get down and dirty with him. To be called names and get covered in his jizz. I moan when he comes on my face but there is something deep inside me that finds it satisfying. To be dirty and his.

E is for Electricity

I believe we are electric together. Or rather there is certainly a chemical reaction that happens between us. I love that feeling. The spark that still exists after so many years. His touch still lights me up.

essence of desire hands
His touch lights me up

S is for Sex

When we first got together I desired to have sex with him as frequently as possible. I felt it kept us close. I still believe this to a certain extent. Now it is one of the things that I rely on to bring us closer if we drift away from each other at all. Sex means any sexual act but a good hard fucking does the trick for me.

I is for Individuality and Intelligence

One of the reasons I desire my man is because he is very much an individual. I have never met anyone mildly similar, and don’t expect I will. I find his uniqueness and high intelligence such a turn on. Most of my other partners have not been quite as clever as me. I realised when I got together with my man how in the past being more intelligent than my partners had a direct impact to how much I respected and “wanted” them. For me it works better when my lover has more brain power than me.

R is for Restraints

Every so often I need to be restrained and to give up my control. This want is bound up in my enjoyment of pain and desire to please my man sexually. Receiving pain has a liberating affect on me and seeing how turned on he gets when administering this pain is the icing on the desirable cake.

rope candlelight

E is for Essence

Desiring something or someone is very much entwined with essence. The true essence of life is learning your purpose and living each day as fully and well as you can. If you do not desire anything or anyone then your life may not be as satisfying as it could be.

The Essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.

George Orwell.

When you live with someone for a long time it is important to remember the above quote. Put aside your lover’s foibles and desire to be with that person, rather than attempting to change the very essence of who they are.

There you have it. For me Desire is wrapped up with all of the above.

social media desire


turn on turn off
Turn on, turn off
The Essence of Desire

12 thoughts on “The Essence of Desire

  1. Whilst you had me at ‘D’ I have to say all your letters were perfect, you think the way I do. Another reminder that in a parallel universe I would consider you the perfect mate. And I love his pictures too, you look great.

  2. You and My Kitten would either hit it off or hate each other no middle just extremes. Very much alike.
    Your breakdown alphabetically of
    Desire could have been written by her except she married a Brilliant mind and chose a lover who isn’t stupid (some of the time). Something about cake and candy????
    I love this illustrated essay.
    Like everything you post. Food for thought….and inspiration.

  3. So many true words spoken here, May. Definitely that quote, and these words of you: “Put aside your lover’s foibles and desire to be with that person, rather than attempting to change the very essence of who they are.” Beautiful post, and I too am more content and happy when my lover is more intelligent than I am, otherwise I just can’t look up to them.
    Fabulous post!
    ~ Marie xox

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