Exile on Main Street ~ Music Therapy

Exile on Main Street ~ Music Therapy

I have written before about Exile on Main Street. I love all the tracks. The LP includes something for everyone and works on a base level in my brain. By that I mean it somehow stimulates endorphins as I immediately feel more content with myself and life while listening to it.

Exile on Main Street by the Rolling Stones

Exile on Main St is a double album by English rock band the Rolling Stones. Released on 12 May 1972 by Rolling Stones Records. It was their tenth studio album released in the United Kingdom. The album’s music incorporates rock and roll, blues, soul, country, and gospel genres


I have to say I came late to this album as – even though I am old 😉 – I am also a little young to have it register on my personal “Top of The Pops” chart in my head when it was first released. But my man was quick to introduce it to me when we got together 7 years ago. From the very first listen, the songs and the vibe of the music resonated with me. And as I mentioned above, the experience gave me a feeling of well being. Not to mention many of the songs just make you want to jump up and shake your hips.

I now have many happy memories of the times my man and I have listened to the album alone and with others. Hearing the first few chords reminds me immediately of heady days when I fell for my man and we were in what could be known as the honeymoon period. All this adds to the music therapy Exile on Main Street provides for my mind, body and soul.

Music is a whole body experience as it affects us cognitively, physically, emotionally, and socially

Jae Lynn

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exile on main street
Exile on Main Street ~ Music Therapy
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11 thoughts on “Exile on Main Street ~ Music Therapy

  1. Different music matches different moods. What we listened to yesterday, we will not listen today. And tomorrow we will be delighted with it again. But there are tunes that are said to be “For All Seasons.”

  2. It’s so few and far between that I can find a whole album I enjoy. Thank you for sharing yours May. I’ve always been a fan of The Rolling Stones.

  3. I know the ‘headline’ songs off this Album May, so I will investigate more. In my youth (when 1 LP was a big investment of money) I’d listen repeatedly and really hard to an album – so Cool for Cats was ‘mine’ for a long time, and a little later ‘Parallel Lines’ by Blondie – and the 2nd one I can still listen to even now & feel joy.

    1. yes as one of my man’s ex girlfriends from days gone by has been immortalized as always young and skinny on the video to that that track, I am not keen lol. x

  4. I haven’t listened to this album but I am intrigued now. I do love it when you find an album like that where the whole thing seems to carry meaning. Missy x

  5. I wonder how common it is (or isn’t) for people to have a whole album that is “theirs” somehow. I know a lot of people have a go-to artist/group, but I’ve never given the idea of a single album much thought. I have one though — I don’t even have to think about what it might be, it’s just *mine* – meaningful for so many reasons – and even though I don’t listen to it often, I have it AVAILABLE, easily within reach most any time I might feel inclined — and now, reading this, it makes me wonder if this is A Thing.


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