Exposing myself is liberating, cathartic & therapeutic

Ever since my site began I have exposed myself. In so many ways. Via images. Through my true life posts and also if you look hard enough within my fiction too.

A reader may feel a specific connection with a writer if very personal information is shared with them. I receive emails from some of my followers thanking me for inspiring them in some way or simply because they enjoy my content. That means a lot to me. And I think the reason these people bother to put pen to paper, or rather finger to keypad, is because they can see I am exposing myself in some way. Letting them see a little bit of my heart and soul, as well as my boobs and arse!

Yes, there is more than one way of exposing yourself…

Life Stories

For me to write is to expose. I can not do it any other way. It sometimes feels as if there is a direct honesty line from my inner self to the page. I remember when I first wrote the post about having been sexually abused as a child. As I pushed the publish button I felt scared but sooo liberated. Some of the shame I carry – because such a thing happened to me – was set free.

The support I received over that life event post encouraged me to share my adoption journey. And the funny thing was, even though I was exposing myself further it felt like the right thing to do. I didn’t feel vulnerable or naked. Instead I became stronger and more resilient.

True Date Night Stories

The first ever post on my blog was about a bondage session between my man and me. At the time I was brimming over with emotion and happiness at having found such a strong sexual connection with some one, I simply had to share the details. I also felt that perhaps my words may help others to understand that even latter in life you can pursue your kinks and have a great unconventional sex life. And the message I wanted to put across was that communication is key.

My date night tales receive some of the most views on this site. I think readers find them sexy but also they know I am exposing myself once again by honestly retelling the encounter.


Some of my best fiction has either a foot in reality or contain some of my own thoughts or ideas. I think this is probably true of most people who write. And this is once again due to exposing something you know, or have experienced, within a made-up plot strengthens the tale by way of including a piece of real life. Exposing a morsel of truth can turn an OK plot into a good one.


In the life and date night stories I expose my past and how I got to be the me of today. I also share a little of my heart. But in my articles I expose my soul. The things that I feel very strongly about. The things that are whirling around my head. Ideas that need to come out. Need to be purged. All this ends up in my articles. Occasionally heavy topics that I think have to be set in order. By writing them I expose my thought process and also it helps me manage the themes or ideas I am discussing. The process is cathartic and therapeutic too.

Exposing Images

When I started this blog I never really thought about including images but I realised by exposing myself in this way I would draw people to the blog who would then hopefully read my words. And that’s what happened. But I also enjoyed seeing a sexy, quirky or sassy photo of myself. So the images became a bigger feature.

A short slideshow of images…


I have never felt compromised by exposing myself in all these different ways. Blogging has become a positive part of my life which I am glad I stumbled across and hopefully will continue for some years to come.


18 thoughts on “Exposing myself is liberating, cathartic & therapeutic”

  1. I’m always in awe of the creativity and imagination in both your photographs and your words. Always intriguing and always sexciting … and I totally agree with your “liberating and therapeutic”. Xxx – K

  2. It’s so great that you share yourself with your readers. Your texts and your photos attract me with their informativeness and honesty. And I don’t see anything here that should be embarrassed. Keep up the good work.

  3. I’m glad that pictures have become a major part of your blog, so much sexiness to go with your fiction and your other content ☺️

  4. It is honesty in dealing with the reader that demonstrates the writer’s maturity. Perhaps this is the first thing that attracts people when they get acquainted with the story written by the author and compare, willingly or not, these situations with their own life experience.

  5. I totally get this, the different ways in which you expose yourself, and believe I do the same. Words and images are how I express myself, which of course lead to exposure, as I share some of my innermost thoughts and feelings. And I just love sharing images! And love yours, words and images 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  6. I can so relate to what you say and understand the feeling when you share an exposing post. I get that so often but being open is also what drives me. I agree with sharing yourself being at the core of creating a connection with someone and think that goes whether it is in person or online. Thank you for all that you do share. Your blog is an amazing collection of all sides of you and really reflects your talent as a creator of interesting content. Missy x

  7. I don’t really consider my images to be an exposition… They’re fairly PG anyway… Hmmm…

    I posted photos weekly when I first started blogging as a way to come to grips with how I saw my own body. I think that might have drawn people to the blog at the beginning, but I’m not sure. Based on view counts, I don’t think it matters — my most popular blog post of all time is over 2,000 words long and does not have any pictures.

    Actually, my top 10 all-time “reader favorites” are all bare of photos. (At least of me. There are some cartoon pictures in one of them. The other 9 contain zero images.)

    Not the point of your post, I realize. 🙂

    Just thinking out loud.

    And yes, I agree — when you share something real – even if its emotionally difficult or imperfectly presented – that’s where reader connections are formed.

  8. I can see exactly what you mean May, expressing myself in my more ‘thought’ driven posts its as if I can get my ducks in a row as to my beliefs and motivations. I too find that I get different levels of positive feedback depending how much reality I have poured into a piece of fiction. The majority of my stories have some truth in them, mine or a friend’s, but I give myself licence to I play around with how I present that truth.

  9. I love your images and its clear that you benefit so much from your exposure. Thank you for brightening all of our days with your delicious thoughts and images.

  10. I am sure there may be some to your statement about the images drawing your male readers to your blog. But I can assure you, May, your writing is what keeps them coming back.

    1. I’m a lover of pics— but you have the whole package. Great content to go with your pics. I think we all come to feel we know you. That sharing of all things breaks down the walls.

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