Fantastic Fantasy Fiction

Personally I think it is important to share your fantasies with your lover.  In my experience it brings you closer.

I wrote the bulk of this post a few months ago but am updating it for “Tell me About” as it works very well for their prompt Fantasies…

It is good to talk – about everything including fantasies

the power or process of creating unrealistic or improbable mental images in response to psychological need

My man and I talk a lot about our fantasies. He usually brings his up when we are doing sexy stuff. For example, he may be fucking my mouth and well explain that another guy is filling my arse. It turns us both on.

Whereas I may discuss mine while we are relaxing drinking wine. We’re both aware of which fantasies we are happy to remain as make believe and those that perhaps we would like to come true. One will forever remain a story – fiction –  and the other is filed under maybe one day.

I often think of our fantasies when I am masturbating or during sex with my man.

When we first got together I explained a fantasy of mine was to see him dressed in stockings and panties and then for him to whip and fuck me. I am a Rocky horror fan. That one came true.

Fantastic Fantasy Fiction

Fantastic dos not only mean great or amazing. In this fantasy fiction story I am using it to describe something that is “remote from reality.” The plot is a frequent fantasy of mine, one I get off on when I’m masturbating. But that is all I want this to be. It is not real, it’s fantasy fiction…

(NB: I sometimes refer to my man as Rik or Rick in tales)

Fantasy Fiction Story

Half asleep, I stretch out my foot to make contact with Rick. Strange, instead of finding a warm, hairy leg I feel a cool spot on his side.

Realising I am alone in the bed I pull my mind out of its semi conscious state. Maybe he’s in the en suite. We did drink a lot of wine over dinner. It was quite a night. Rick told me he wants to explore sexually. Well, actually, for us both to. We’ve been married ten years and decided at the start we didn’t want kids. Our careers take up too much time, and we enjoy the financial rewards. Not many would own a house as plush as ours by the time they were thirty five.

The conversation about sex seemed to have been brewing for a while. I had noticed a few little hints. For example, last Friday we went to one of our favourite Italian restaurants. Rick pointed out a blond guy wearing a suit at a corner table and asked if I fancied him. I can’t deny, he was hot, so I blushed and twiddled my auburn hair around my right forefinger. A trait of mine when I’m nervous. Rick took my other hand and said it was OK to find people attractive and still love each other. Last night he’d returned to that topic, saying I need to lighten up sexually. Not knowing what to say I drank a little too much.

Damn, now I need the bathroom. I switch on the bedside lamp as I get out of bed.

No sign of him. Washing my hands I glance out of the window into the garden. That’s funny, there is a faint light on in the summer house. Perhaps Rick got up to read. He loves books and it is a hot evening, so the temperature in there would be perfect.

Yawning I check my phone. Two in the morning. That is an odd time to be going anywhere or doing anything apart from sleeping. I hope he’s OK. Throwing on my dressing gown I decide there is only one way to find out.

The moon is not particularly bright as I walk down the path to the end of the garden. The dim shining glow in the far window of the summerhouse acts like a beacon.

Without warning, before I even reach the building, butterflies attack my stomach and I instinctively know something is wrong. Taking a deep breath, and holding it for a moment, I stop in my tracks.

Perhaps I should just go back to the house and have a cup of tea.

Leave Rick to his book.

Yeah, that’s what I will do.

But then I catch a noise on the breeze. What was that? A small animal in pain?

I quickly take the final few steps and look through the window.

There, illuminated by the glow of the lamp, I get the shock of my life. Rick is standing with his black toweling dressing gown open and kneeling in front of him is Shelley, who moved in to number seven with her boyfriend about six months ago.

Rick has his fist around the root of her long, wavy, brown ponytail, pulling her head right back. She has no choice but to look him in the eyes. Then, without an apparent reason, he lands a light slap across her cheek. She yelps — the noise I heard walking along the path. Then mouths up at him, “Again,” her eyes watching him full of anticipation.

I’m frozen to the spot and can hardly breathe. The canopy of the willow tree shrouds me in its shadow so I am invisible. But I can see them as clearly as if I am in the front row of a movie at the cinema. And that’s what it seems like. Unreal, they’re just characters in a film.

What should I do? Barge in there, shouting and accusing? I think about Rick telling me I need to let go sexually and stand my ground.

“Ohhh.” The back of his hand lands cleanly on her other cheek and I’m sure I can make out a slight pink tinge. Grabbing his almost erect cock he smears it over her face, as if soothing the sting.

“Now be a good girl and open that pretty mouth of yours.”

He never calls me good girl.

I swallow the saliva that has gathered in my own mouth and think I am on the verge of tears when my body takes over. As Shelley slowly opens her lips he angles the tip of his cock to caress them and my cunt moistens. Running my fingers along the slit I lace the tips with wetness, bring them to my nose and inhale. Yes, I can smell my arousal.

Meanwhile, Rick steadies himself and holding Shelley’s head in place impels her throat with his cock. For a moment he doesn’t move and her eyes bulge slightly as she struggles to breathe.

Letting her loose he pulls her to her feet. It is then that I notice she is wearing a sheer, white slip. Her dressing gown strewn over a chair. Rick deftly pulls both of the straps down from her shoulders and the garment, as if by magic, falls to the floor. She’s left standing naked and looks gorgeous. I’ve never really noticed her before. To be honest I’ve only seen her driving off to work dressed in a dowdy catering uniform. But now the sexy tilt of her breast and curve of her waist are illuminated. Her legs long and shapely.

Rick takes a nipple in his mouth. Her head falls back as she enjoys the moment.

I’m literally torn. Feeling like a voyeur in my own home, so to speak. But I can’t ignore the ache in my cunt. I stand, legs slightly apart, noticing the stickiness encroaching the top of my thighs. I cup my mound, eyes firmly on the scene ahead.

Rick whispers something in Shelley’s ear. Nodding, she gets down on all fours with her bum high. He grabs my coconut butter cream from the small table, kneels behind her and squirts a liberal amount over her butt. Massaging the area his middle finger swiftly intrudes into the puckered hole. She begins to rock back and forth, obviously getting off on his touch.

Encouraged, he strikes her heavily on the fleshy portion of her bum and she responds with a shriek.

As I push a finger into my pussy I can hardly believe what follows. Lining up his knob Rick holds on to Shelley’s waist and slowly… sinks his cock into her arse.

“Oh yeahhh. So… fucking… tight. Virgin hole,” he mutters.

I can’t count how many times he has practically begged me to give him anal. I won’t. Scared it will hurt too much. His cock is in as far as it can go — balls resting against her perineum.

“You know only a slut lets a guy fuck her in the arse. You dirty… dirty… bitch.”

Rick is quite worked up and the accusation lands in the air probably a little louder than he had expected.

Almost as if the sound of his own voice is turning him on more he grips her fleshy hips and starts to literally bang into her. Wasting no time, concerned only with his selfish gratification.

I can hardly bear it. Staring at his face, his expression looks almost maniacal. Nothing can stop him now as he uses her for his pleasure. My own fingers move faster, teasing my clit and seeking out the plump entrance to my cunt.

Next something happens that has never occurred before — Rick and I both climax together. I can’t hold back as I watch him taking exactly what he wants. Biting down on my bottom lip, desperate not to make a sound, my body begins to quiver and my legs weaken. With one last, rough thrust he fills Shelley’s arse with his come, lets out a long, lusty groan and falls forward onto her back.

For a moment I feel a little lost as I watch him lying there, quiet and spent. Weirdly, I want to go and join them.

But it’s time to go. Wrapping my gown around me I quietly run back to the house, a little confused. Watching Rick use Shelley as if she was his sex toy made me feel as horny as fuck and I know I need to talk to him, explain how this new development could work for both of us.

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17 thoughts on “Fantastic Fantasy Fiction”

  1. Wow this was brilliant. I wasn’t sure where it was going and the confliction that she felt really drew me in. I want to know what would happen next and what she would do with those confused feelings. ?

  2. Oh I really enjoyed that one – really liked the way she was conflicted but went for it!

  3. Wow, this got me so hot and really got my imagination fired up. What a sexy scenario ; one I’m going to be fantasizing about for a while to come… ???

  4. Wow . . . simply wow . . . well actually, TINGLING wow !!!
    I think I will probably climax at the same time as you and Rik, when I read it through again. Which I surely will . . . and probably again and again.
    Wow !!!
    Xxx – K

  5. Definitely a fantastic fantasy here… the way you held the conflict in here, whether she should be angry or not, but then she just went with her own urges, is brilliant. I love that during her watching she saw him getting things she won’t get him, but she didn’t feel guilty about it.

    Rebel xox

  6. Oh May – this is very hot and details of it are already starting to mingle with my own fantasies! It is very easy for me to be in your head ./ in this fantasy and I think a lot of that is because you’ve written this with such a personal tone. As Cara said, that conflicted feeling goes a long way… it keeps us on edge so this is not just about the sex parts… there is something so beautiful and touching in a line like this one:

    “For a moment I feel a little lost as I watch him laying there, quiet and spent.”

    love it! ?

  7. And your story made me horny as fuck. I like the reference to the cinema, as if characters in a film. And I have to say, the image at the top is most enticing.

  8. A great fantasy May – with the glow from outside I initially suspected aliens giving Rik a blowjob! I like this better though. Pons is right, the little twists of humour add an extra layer and your accompanying photo is glorious, just right for Shelley’s white slip.

    1. The cheating bit makes it a fantasy – if he told me he wanted to fuck another woman we could discuss it but then it would not be a fantasy – thanks EL x

  9. A gorgeous sexy fantasy May. Ripe, randy and full of sexy rumbustiousness. And humour too -I love the line about Shelly’s unattractive catering uniform. xx

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