Fantasy Island ~ Imagination running wild

Fantasy Island ~ Imagination running wild

Sometimes when I can’t sleep I know an orgasm will just take that edge off the insomnia. Calm my busy head and sooth my weary limbs.

If my man is sleeping peacefully beside me I certainly do not want to wake him with the noise from my favourite adult toy. And why would I when all that is needed is my imagination and my right hand.

It always helps if my man (Rik) figures in a fantasy of mine. But apart from that anything could happen as my deviant thoughts let a story take shape, while the middle finger on my right hand gently begins to slide down my naked slit.

Imagination – sexier than sex toys

The other night this scenario was playing in my head as my hand went to work.

“Here she is guys. Fucking slut. Just take her. All the holes.”

I looked at Rik coming in from the pub with two men I had never met before. He’d been fuming with me earlier on for disobeying and now my punishment was due.

He began to undo the buttons on my white blouse.


“She’s got great tits. Have a feel Mike, come on don’t be shy plenty for everyone.”

At first I struggled against Rik’s hold but as Mike pulled down my bra cup and teased my nipple I could feel my cunt responding. I bloody wanted this.

Rik and two strangers were about to take all they wanted from me.

“Yeah full boobs. The way I like em.” Mike enthused pulling down the bra straps and groping handfuls of both my breasts.

Full Breasts


Then grabbing a fistful of hair Rik pulled my head back, whispering in my ear,

“You going to get what you deserve now. Teach you that you’re mine to give. So come on girl. Ask for it. Nice and loud.”

He tapped the side of my cheek. I knew if I kept my mouth shut he’d slap my face.

“F… fuck me… Use me.” I stuttered as my cunt continued its mission to soak my panties.

The guy who had not yet said a word began to strip and lay down on the floor. His dick pointing straight up at the ceiling.

“Take your clothes of and straddle Jeff. No messing.” Letting go of my hair Rik watched me de-robe and throw my clothes onto the chair.

I lowered myself slowly onto Jeff, his knob glistening as I watched it sink into my hole, aware all eyes were on me. His cock wasn’t small so as he held my hips and began thrusting my muscles tightly clasped at his shaft.

Next Mike stood with his feet either side of Jeff’s head, in front of me, and lowered his trousers.

“Suck on this you dirty bitch.”

His dick sprang from the boxers and hovered in front of my mouth. Clasping the back of my head he pulled it towards him which in turn made my arse stick out. So while I was practically gagging on Mikes cock, Rick knelt behind me and gradually began to nestle his own knob against my anus. Pushing slowly,  inching all the way in. My cunt and arse hole pulsated against the immense fullness, while Mike used my mouth like a cunt, fucking it hard.

The three of them had me in such a tight grip I simply had to give myself over to them as they fucked me until I had Jizz coming out of every hole.

More of May?

Isn’t it wonderful how imagination is free!

It took a long time for me to feel happy with my deviant imagination. Read about that here.

And here is a very hot scene – alfresco style – true life erotica…

fantasy imagination
Sexual Fantasy

10 thoughts on “Fantasy Island ~ Imagination running wild

  1. There is just something about being used like that isn’t there? And the fact you reach the point where you have to just give in and stop fighting for control of your responses. That is the part I like. Hot fantasy. Missy x

  2. Very hot! I wish I wasn’t so reliant on my toys, I’d like to be able to just use my hand a bit more often. If my imagination was as good as yours I guess I would!

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