Fast Flash ~ Image and story

Fast Flash ~ Marie mentioned in a recent post how good it is to challenge yourself with a 100 word (or less) fiction. I agree. Here is 55 word fiction. It is a snippet of a tale but a complete story, in my eyes, none the less…

Fast Flash

“Will you keep still for fuck’s sake.” Ben exclaimed. Nancy really was a terrible model but he couldn’t resist hiring her. After all she had amazing tits and always let him suckle them for as long as he wanted after a photo session. And as you can imagine one thing invariably led to another…

BTW the SEO readability on the is tale is perfect 😉 And I do love the lighting in this image.

More flashes from me?

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Fast Flash

21 thoughts on “Fast Flash ~ Image and story”

    1. Paul you need to pay more attention 😉 SEO has many facets. And as I state above the “SEO Readability” – one small part of SEO as a whole – on the story itself, gets the green light across the board – and to me that is perfect lol
      May 😉

  1. You are so creative in your stories and photos. As I feel you’ve pulled me inside yourself and involved me w you as you live your story .

  2. This is so clever and your image is gorgeous. I have just written a Drabble for tomorrow which is a coincidence. I decided to follow Marie and challenge myself too and now I have read yours I feel even more inspired. Missy x

  3. Love love love the colouring of that image! of course the model is lovely as well 🙂
    Nice work on a 55 word story. I’m green with envy at your ability to say so much in so little 🙂

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