Fate Destiny Karma Tarot and Coffee

Fate Destiny Karma Tarot and Coffee

Over the years I have thought an awful lot about fate and destiny and what they mean. I don’t like to think that everything is predetermined. But I do think that sometimes no matter what a person does they cannot have any bearing on an event if it was meant to happen.

Although many think that fate is already sealed but you can change destiny by the choices made. That sounds a little confusing to me. I found this quote and it near enough sums up what I think regarding fate and destiny…

This is how life works. We are neither the authors nor the pawns of our life stories but rather partners somehow with fate or destiny or circumstance or providence.

John Ortberg

I like the idea of walking hand in hand with fate rather than it simply running ahead and making all my life turns for me. And of course if there is any truth in the quote then the talents of clairvoyants can also be understood. Friends and I have seen a few over the years. Sometimes they seem to be very certain about what is ahead. But at others the fortune told is far more hazy. And where I am concerned it has been said that I – personally – will always have choices. Let me explain.

Karmic Debt

Karmic debt is – apparently – negative energy you carry with you due to underhand dealings or thoughts towards people. I have been told more than once that I don’t have any karmic debt. That means my life is a series of choices rather than fate dictating the way. Not having any karmic debt also means, if you believe in reincarnation, that this is my last time around. Whatever your thoughts are about this I do find the general rule about karma intriguing.

Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering.

That is something I buy into. After all, I try to be good, except when I am bad πŸ˜‰ Seriously I endeavour to treat others the way I want to be treated. I have come across some pretty narcissistic people in my life who tend to walk all over anybody to prove their point or get what they want. Karma sounds pretty damning on them.


Mai Dolan

Back to clairvoyants. As a younger woman I saw a few. I had been introduced to Mia Dolan before she had written all her books. Over the years I must have been to her about four times for a psychic reading. She is a lovely woman and a talented clairvoyant too. More than once she told me things that nobody knew but me.

One of the strangest readings I had from her was back in 2005. I had just left my children’s father and had recently got together with a man I went on to live with for 9 years. Mia told me that my new partner was a musician. Not only that he had recently changed careers and got a job as a writer/journalist. I thought she had finally lost her psychic ability, as my new partner was a packaging designer.

Then, when my man and I finally reconnected in 2011, after not having been in contact since we parted ways in 1997, he told me he was writing for a well known magazine. Not only that he had be offered the job in 2005, precisely when Mia told me my partner had just been hired as a journalist. Spooky. The stars saw my man as my partner many years before we joined forces.

Dad number two

One other psychic worth a mention was a man. He was more of a medium. He mentioned my dad was there. Now this sometimes happened. He usually appeared with flowers which apparently means the spirit is apologising. I immediately said I had no interest in hearing what he said. But the spirit insisted and I was to be told he had been a sailor. I sat astounded as my birth dad who I had never met had been a sailor. I suppose it was at that moment I realised it was too late to meet him in the flesh.

Tarot Cards

Some of you will know I read the tarot cards. I have done this since I was a late teen. Find out more about that here. When I first got involved with my man back in 1997 I would often do my own cards. One of the guys I was seeing at that time – Al – always appeared in the tarot as the devil. He was too, in many ways πŸ˜‰ My man would appear as the Magician. This fitted him for more than one reason.

When I reconnected with my man in 2011 the cards helped me decide if I would see him again. I had rarely thought about him during the interim but remembered him as someone I had deeply connected with. With heart in mouth I turned the cards. The first was the sun. An excellent omen. The next was a card which means a hard journey and as I turned the third I could not believe it when there laying in-front of me was the magician.

Coffee and Tarot

Well I think you get the picture by now that I am open to spirits, psychics and karma.I believe we have a hand in our fate but also on occasions their are higher things at work that are beyond our control.

Tarot cards are often used as a means to help you make your own decisions about a given situation or life events in general. If you have always wanted your cards read then look no further. I am here πŸ˜‰ It is widely known that a person’s energy can be felt across the bits and bytes or phone line. Come with an open, mind, Β£3 for a coffee and I will do the rest.

Freedom Independence Confidence
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14 thoughts on “Fate Destiny Karma Tarot and Coffee

  1. I think Ortberg is onto something. I hadn’t realised this but, as you know, I believe cards are an incredible way of opening my eyes to what I already know on some level.

    So much truth in this post. Thank you for sharing xx

  2. As a huge believer in karma and reincarnation I love this post in every way! Truthfully, I’ve always been leery of having cards drawn. I have no idea why, or really I haven’t pinpointed the why yet. I think we do walk hand in hand with fate and our choices will determine how our next life begins.

  3. The Fates and I are well acquainted, that whisper in the morning breeze or bone jarring event when I won’t pay attention. I know there is a bit more that we can fully understand here but read the cards and take it as it comes. I’ll cast the bones and let it flow

  4. What an interesting post ☺️
    I had my hands read once by a medium and I still think about what she told me back then. I don’t feel like I’m free of karmic debt yet, it feels like I still have a ton of lessons to learn.

    When I pull a card for my husband he comes out as ‘The Emperor’, while I’m a Queen of Cups myself. Loads of emotions and tears, unfortunately. Having a Magician as a partner sounds great, though.

  5. This was so interesting and there are lots of things here which I have heard about but not really understood. It has been helpful to have someone so informed explain and I really enjoyed it. The role of the cards in your life is fascinating and you have made me wonder ….. thank you for this ?

  6. Two things from this post I deeply believe too:

    “Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering.”


    “I endeavour to treat others the way I want to be treated.”

    Absolutely lovely post, and for anyone who reads the comments – go get your reading done by May. I have, and what was in there really helped me! Thanks for that, May, and thank you for sharing your vision on fate and karma.
    ~ Marie xox

  7. Very interesting info on karma and Clairvoyance.
    I was once a very strong believer. The last 7 years have not been great but if that means they were my lifes lesson then I had quite the education!!

    Walking hand in hand with somebody that cares for you now, for support must be a wonderful way to move forward.


    1. I turned one of the nicest cards in the minor arena – the 9 of cups – this means that things are going your way – it is about happiness and fulfillment but also warns u not be complacent

  8. Wonderful post May!
    I very much believe in karmic debt and think you explained it amazingly, but the part about walking hand in hand with fate really resonated with me. We have the ability to let that hand go, and sometimes we must but it is a nice companion πŸ™‚

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