Fear Factor: Bound For You ~ Taboo Anthology

Fear Factor: Bound For You ~ Taboo Anthology

A book of some of my dark, short erotic stories was published this very week by Black Lotus Books.

Fear Factor: Bound for You

It is called – Fear Factor – Bound for You – by May More. You can purchase it here for just £1.50.


I am very excited about this development as the anthology includes what I think is one of my best dark tales in five parts – Bars, Woman in a Cage. This taboo story concerns a husband who, deciding that his wife needs to be taught a lesson, locks her in a cage. But Does he keep her there one day too long? Find out in the book…

I will say Bars in not just about what he has done to her. The plot also explores, in some depth, the woman’s journey from disbelief to anger and rage. Then finally, acceptance and dependence. The remaining tales are a mixture and addresses issues such as bigamy, non-consent and BDSM.

Anyhow, if you fancy buying the book it is not only a good way of supporting my work but also the independent publishing company who have made this happen for me. And you get a May More ebook in return plus heaps of appreciation from me…

bound for you

The picture above is part of the promo images but I kinda like the one I have included as the header shot. Here it is again for monochromerotic.

bound for you

You can find more images of me bound in other posts on my blog.

Many thanks to His Lordship for his input into one of the stories included in Fear Factor. And to Posy Churchgate who encouraged me to send the tale to the publishers.

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17 thoughts on “Fear Factor: Bound For You ~ Taboo Anthology

  1. This sounds so exciting May and I am always inspired by the way you get things done. I love your presentation of your new book, from title or title image to write up. As you know, i thighs Bars was brilliant and I wish you all the best with this new venture. Missy x

  2. I’m very excited for you May! Being published is such a huge feat and so well deserved for you! I purchased my copy 😉

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