24 feb photofest 2019 more photos

Gallery of my Feb PhotoFest 2019

Feb PhotoFest Gallery 2019

I lost my Feb photofest posts as they were on my projects bog which was heavily infected with malware, so I deleted it.

Last year I made a gallery on here of all my images and Lexy has spurred me on to do the same for 2019.

So here they are.  Two slideshows of 14 days each. Click on the arrows to move thru at your own speed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In this post you will find a gallery I created of some of my favourite PhotoFest shots from other bloggers.

February Photofest
Click to see other bloggers images

8 thoughts on “Gallery of my Feb PhotoFest 2019

  1. Ummm…Slightly disappointed I just now found these. Beauty and brains. Impossible to find combination. Gorgeous!

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