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February 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & SoSS

February 2019 has been blessed. The weather was exceptionally mild. I am a little funny where dates are concerned and the calendar in my head tells me this could be the warmest February since 1998.

Shadowbanned on Twitter for over four months now. I am trying to find time to set up another account. Hopefully, I will do this sometime next month. It appears I will be able to keep my handle @more_matters.

My February 2019 Blogging Summary

Writing on my blog

According to my statistics, the most read post on my site this month was a flash story I wrote all about a Pizza.

I also wrote a couple of other fictional tales that received really excellent feedback.

  • The Heart Locker is about a girl whose heart is entwined with another- all because they secured a padlock onto a bridge.
  • The Fear factor is Horrererotica, take a look if you dare 😉

As far as non-fiction goes I really enjoyed writing a post for the new meme from Bee Menstruation Matters.

Writing elsewhere

  • I had amazing fun writing a very sexy story for Frolic Me called Ding Dong. It is the tale behind Luna’s striptease. If you want to read it just get free story membership. You will not be disappointed.
  • I wrote a guest post for Girl on the Net – about something called Genetic Sexual Attraction. I have been wanting to share this for some time and felt her blog would be a perfect place for it to live 😉

Images on my blog

Well, most of my images have been elsewhere this month as I have been involved in the February Photo Fest. I decided to host it on my Sub-domain as I needed to post an image a day. It is been great fun and good discipline to post daily.

February 2019 Sharing

The PhotoFest – Grayscale

Next year I will attempt to be more organised where the FebPhotoFest is concerned and maybe incorporate a theme. That’s what I have decided to do in this sharing post.

They say nothing is simply black and white, with that in mind I want to share a few of my favourite grayscale images, including one of mine, from the PhotoFest.

Click on an image to view or justand then enjoy a scroll through the fabulous images.

Many thanks & image copyrights to:

Molly ~ Miss Scarlet ~ Violet ~ Eye ~ BlueSubmission ~ Kayla ~ Jade ~ Lexy ~ Ruth ~ Muse ~ The Other Me

Twenty more of my favourites were mentioned in my sharing post, just for the PhotoFest, on my other blog – but I lost that when I had a malware attack. Hope to retrieve it in time

ComeAsYouAre & #SB4MH ~ February 2019

It is National Eating Disorder Week and to support the cause some of us have been creating body positivity images.

Click on an image to view and then enjoy scrolling throug.

Many thanks & image copyrights to: Nikki ~ Posy ~ Lexy ~ Cat ~ Little Switch Bitch ~ Floss ~ Gypsy

You can find out more on Cat’s Mental Health Site.

Because I assist Cat with the admin of her project during the month I read all the posts linked to #mentalhealthmonday and will highlight a few of my personal favourites in my monthly summary each month.

Here are a few of February’s fascinating #SB4MH posts.

One last thing – the second voting round of the Smut Marathon is coming up soon. If you have time please read, vote and leave some feedback. The writers really appreciate it. I know as I was a participant last year.

8 thoughts on “February 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & SoSS”

  1. May, I love these galleries you put together, it’s a great way to look at the photos. I enjoyed seeing some favorites again and some I hadn’t seen before. The black and white theme really works too! Thank you for including both of mine. Also, I’m happy that you’re giving ongoing exposure to ComeAsYouAre which is a wonderful thing, I’ve really enjoyed seeing what people put together.

  2. I have often thought about doing a theme for febphotofest but I am never organised enough for it. Maybe one year though. Thanks for showing off my image.


  3. I’ve just been trawling through your FebPhotofest images. There’s a great haul of sexy photos there! (But I’m not surprised) You and your man have outdone yourselves this year.

  4. Hi May – I always read what you post with interest and this one is NO exception. I must siphon off some extra time to read many of the links you recommend (those I haven’t visited already). You’re involved in so many interest worthy projects at the moment! Go you for being supportive and proactive.

    (PS thanks for your help in adding my image to Cat’s mental health blogging page – I feel a bit clueless while my blog is in limbo!!)

    1. Thanks Posy – the #comeasyouare was part of this weeks topic on Cats’ sex bloggers for mental health site – it was a peach to be involved in and it was Cat’s initiative to include it- I just helped 😉 x

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