February 2020 Blogging Summary

February 2020 Blogging Summary

February has been a mixed bag when all is said and done.

One of the loveliest things was my eldest daughter came to visit for a few days and I am looking forward to my youngest coming back from New York to see me in a couple of weeks. Happy days. I so enjoy my time with both of them. Darling Miss M and I have conversations about sex. Which always makes me smile.

One of the not so good things about February happened on Twitter over the last few days. It feels as if I have been caught with my pants down ;-)) – However, I do want to thank all those of you who messaged me in some way. It meant a lot, and I won’t forget…

February 2020 May More
Knickers down ~ Day 29 February 2020 PhotoFest

And the header image is Day 28 of my photofest. So, that’s a wrap!

My February 2020 Blogging Summary

Life Matters ~ Food Matters Meme

I so enjoyed reading all your posts. I will be publishing a catalogue of them under different headings when I have time over the next month. Then they can be used as a resource.

The most popular topic was recipes. Many who linked up have  posted recipes I certainly  would like to try.

Book Matters will start on the 24th March and once again last a month.

Work Else Where

Very happy to have worked with the fab team at Hot Octopuss . I’ve written an article for them about Guilt Free Kink. True life experience – a long journey for me…



An archived post that for some reason suddenly got a lot of views was Swinging Fun ~ Three is defiantly not a crowd. It tells of a very dirty fantasy of mine.

My most read post is a fictionalised story Three Times a Woman. This is part truth, part fiction and a very sexy read about one of the first times I was spanked.


Two personal posts I want to share with you are:


Bitch on heat is a very shot piece of fiction – full of anticipation.

I collaborated with His Lordship on a gritty domestic violence tale that I am very proud of.  Don’t forget it has a Content Warning. You can find HL’s link on the post.

Smut Marathon & F4Thought

What a wonderful first round. I so enjoyed reading all of the entries. Here is my feedback from that round.

Still time to pop over to  F4thought and add your view or stories about time travel. Here is mine


This was my most viewed photo fest Image…

May More wellies relaxing on broken staircase
Day 8 Broken Staircase

However, these are my personal favourite photos from the month.

I am really pleased I managed to stick with the outdoor theme from start until finish.

You can view all my Photofest images on my blog or on twitter.

I have shared at least one of another participants Photofest images each day.

I am going to leave you now with one of my favourite shots from the month. Copyright belongs to the lovely GoGo and you can find all her PhotoFest images here…

february 2020 photofest

Recommended Reading

You can find this last months recommended by me sharing posts here.

8 thoughts on “February 2020 Blogging Summary

  1. You’ve had a busy month May. Wonderful posts and photographs I hope that’s the last of the choppy waters and it will be plain sailing from now on. xx

  2. I’m sorry that happened to you and then Cat, May. Those that fragile have no place being on Twitter or as sex bloggers either. That really was ridiculous when you look at your original post. You two owe No apologies to anyone. I thought your collaboration on codependency and domestic abuse with HL was excellent, both sides, and looking forward to your next one.

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