February ~ My Blogging Summary and SoSS

February ~ My Blogging Summary and SoSS

February has been a pretty chilly month for the UK. One thing that really warmed the cockles of my heart was being selected for one of the free Eroticon Pool tickets. I would not have been able to go otherwise so I am over the moon to be attending and would like to thank the Eroticon team for the opportunity.

Take a look at my meet and greet post.

~Blogging Achievements~


I was very happy to have completed the PhotoFest ~ posting an image a day for the whole of February. I participated on my other blog and you can check out all my images here.

My personal favourite from the PhotoFest was this one…


But the image that achieved the most views and comments was also one of my February Sinful Sunday entries…




February saw me write the summary for ArtTwist2. I am very much enjoying this new Meme and for ArtTwist3 my entry was inspired by the painting, Danae. (1907), by Gustav Klimt. My man and I collaborated and created this amazing image. I look vunerable and calm…

Red Wine

You have just under a week to add your entry to ArtTwist3


My post Sunshine and Frolics –

Wriggling his cook and balls over my face he yanked down by knickers, opened my legs and began to slap my cunt…

was chosen as a top three favourite for Masturbation-Monday and was also mentioned by the fabulous Livvy Libertine in her sharing SoSS post. Check out her blog if you enjoy hot erotica.


February Review

This month Candy reviewed an Aloe-Vera, natural based lube product.

I loved that the lube just kind of absorbs into your skin after use. It didn’t leave me feeling sticky or uncomfortable, nor like I needed to take a shower straight away.

I have dreadful problems with chemicals of any kind so will certainly be checking this out.


A few weeks ago I wrote a non-fiction article about a very difficult subject – Incest.

Their daughter Annie was quoted as saying that for years she went to bed every-night wearing her jeans. She made a choice never to marry or have children.

Thank you to all of you who commented on this post via my site, DM, or email. It was much appreciated. I noticed that quite a few sex bloggers out there are writing about delicate personal issues or mental health problems. Miss Jezzebella compiled and published a list containing such posts.

Sassy Cat, who has been writing very informative mental health articles for a long time, told us how she had tried to add her blog to a mental health website and consequently felt angry and ashamed, as because of the adult content on her site, they wouldn’t include it. Read her post here.

Using Miss Jezzabella list, Sassy Cat has linked further entries and invites you all to add any to the collection. She has also proposed that when promoting any Mental health/personal issue posts , we link the Tweet to the Twitter group ~ Sex Bloggers for Mental Health ~ #SB4MH.

By doing this we are creating an area where others can find articles that may help or educate. What a fabulous idea.


Cammies February Photofest images were all so amazing and atmospheric. Here is one of my favourites.

6 thoughts on “February ~ My Blogging Summary and SoSS

  1. And quite the month you have had, May. May More in my inbox every morning during February was a delight. You created some stellar images with your man, told some pretty heady tales, and shared personal stories. I’m proud of you.

  2. I agree with you on your pick for favorite pic for Feb Photofest – it’s my personal fave too. The egg one was cute but I hate eggs, and the other one was SEXY. No, we can’t actually see anything, but you’re a delicious tease and we love you for it.

    And since we’re SoSS… I love the tweaks you’ve made to your blog layout/design. It looks great!

  3. Thanks for this excellent roundup May, and for promoting ArtTwist. It seems so many of us are struggling with our mental health ATM, certainly everyone around me in my mundane life is, including me.
    I’m so glad you get to go to the Ball dear Cinders – I hope you’ll have a fabulous time. May I ask you to pass on a hug to the lovely CP for me, (because I’m sure you two will get to hug). September is too far away for me!
    Indie xx

  4. Very good May. Lots of excellent posts to read there and photos to revisit. I am particularly keen on reading the mental health blogs. So sorry to hear about Sassy Cat’s post being excluded. xx

  5. Great post/round-up. Miss Jezebella has had a good idea there, but how archaic (of them) to discriminate. It was a great day when they allocated you the Eroticon tickets, now hopefully you’ll meet lots of us and we can all get educated regarding better blogging together!

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