Feminism ~ Thoughts about what it means to be a feminist

Feminism ~ Thoughts about what it means to be a feminist

The history of feminism goes way back when. Over the years the values behind the movement have changed as the hands of the clock turned. I do not intend to write a political article here. But rather look at different thoughts the modern world has about feminism.

A potted History of Feminism

The original wave was not particularly diverse. The time line includes the 19th and 20th centuries and it concentrated mainly on woman’s right to vote. This incredible milestone was achieved in 1930.

The next wave – 1960’s to 80’s – was concerned with issues that could help woman achieve equality in particular areas. Such as pay in the work place, domestic abuse and the contraceptive pill.

From the 1990’s moving forward the 3rd wave attempted to widen and encompass those who had not seemed valued in previous incarnations. Noted for being sex positive.

Some feel that from about 2008-2013 we moved on to the fourth stage. Which is involved with issues such as sexual harassment and education. Apparently 4th wave feminist are more trans inclusive than the other waves. However, there are those who actively oppose transgender rights known as – trans-exclusionary radical feminists.

My view

Bearing in mind that I do not have much time for labels…

Am I a feminist? In so much as I think personally any such movement needs to promote the importance of a person being able to do whatever they want – without judgment. Be that a time consuming career, caring for their family at home or what would be considered more extreme activities such as sex work. I also feel very grateful to the first feminist activist – without them, woman would not have gained even basic rights.

My stance to many things could probably be seen as individualism. I favour self-reliance and freedom from a collective control. Along with the power be able to follow many different philosophies rather than simply subscribing to one , I have the view point that I am not better than any one else. I also believe it is important to be altruistic, help support others, who ever they are, when you are in a position to do so

Lately I’m finding too much Twitter interaction is proving detrimental to my mental health. To try and counteract that feeling I thought about using twitter in a positive way to help me. And so turned to it for this post. I wanted to find out what people in general think about feminism. What better place to do this than on Twitter. These selected quotes belong to the twitter-sphere and can be found, with many others, by clicking here.

Opinions on Feminism

If your feminism requires tearing other marginalized people down, rather than deconstructing the patriarchy. It is not feminism.

Dear 14 year old girls feminism isn’t calling men trash.

How can you preach about feminism but then attack and bring down other women?

Do not let fake feminism fool you, women like a man that can lead them. That’s why we will always pick a, “What are you doing Saturday,” guy over a, “when will I see you,” guy every time.

Any feminism that privileges those who are already have privilege is bound to be irrelevant to poor women, working class women, women of color, trans women, trans women of color.

Trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs; it is an acronym) only inflict harm.

Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong, it’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.

Just because u play a submissive role in your relationships doesn’t mean that feminism doesn’t support you. Not every feminist has to be a dominant, sexual person.

I don’t need modern feminism as “female empowerment” implies I am inherently weak.

I can’t understand girls that post things about feminism, and then out of nowhere try to bring other girls down here on social media by talking shit about them.

An 80 year old man tried to lecture me on feminism. He said “you know, having hairy armpits and being bisexual doesn’t make you a feminist.”

Wasn’t Feminism supposed to free us from biological determinism?

There’s lots of overlap between 1st/2nd/3rd wave feminism but they differ in how they think change should happen.  So for example 3rd wave embraces porn and 2nd wave rejects it.

Actual feminists spend centuries trying to get society to see women beyond their reproductive function. TERFs: The most important part of womanhood is giving birth and mensturating. You can’t be a woman without that!

She just sees her role in a m/f relationship in a more submissive light & part of feminism is allowing women to do as they please.

3rd wave feminism destroys women, families, communities and culture. It is the virus that we need to be worried about.

Black lives Matter doesn’t mean all lives don’t matter. Feminism doesn’t mean hating men. Fighting for others rights does not take away yours. The world does not revolve around you.

I know definitions of being a feminist vary; to me it means thinking that everyone should have equal opportunities, rights & responsibilities, irrespective of gender.

I am a feminist because I understand what feminism entails. I’m not a misandrist. I don’t hate men. I just advocate that women should have a voice, equal rights, be safe in our society and that’s what true feminism is. It’s sad that some has made it a war against men.

The women of the first two waves were intellectual titans.

The murder rate for Black trans women last year in the U.S was 1 in 2,600. This is more than seven times as high as that of the general population. If your feminism doesn’t include the protection and rights of these women, it isn’t feminism.

Feminism as it is, is a great theory because it seeks to empower women. Giving them equal opportunities in our society and a platform to make the best of themselves. This suffices that feminism is not in opposition of the woman being a submissive wife.

The girls who say “feminism is shit” are really funny to me. The fact girls are allowed to have an “opinion” today is because feminism exists.

Do you have an opinion? Perhaps you think one of the quotes is wrong or right? Why not share in the comments section.

A few weeks ago I enjoyed reading a post on this topic from the wonderful Barefoot Sub.

#419 Feminism

15 thoughts on “Feminism ~ Thoughts about what it means to be a feminist

  1. I would say I fall under the individualism category as well. Why should anyone or any group define who we are? You are your own person and have your own set of beliefs.

    1. Hey Sass – good to see you again. I agree – I also think by defining yourself you have a chance to support many causes not just one
      May x

  2. Loved your selection of TW-quotes … happy, sad, enlightening, despairing, silly, painful, inspiring, frustrating … an encapsulation of TW itself I think !!!
    But, nevertheless, they all make (or should make), the reader think … and from thought comes, opinion, positivity … and hope!
    I hope !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. This is a great way to use Twitter to its best advantage, I feel enlightened by the facts you sourced and many of the quotes.

  4. Well said. I always considered myself an individualist as well. There is a time for acting as a collective to make changes but there is always a time where those collectives become divisive or exclusionary. It’s sometimes a thin line. It pains to read some of the quotes. I wish people would take broader view of things.

  5. I really enjoyed this post May, thank you for the education. I love the way that you have used twitter as a resource for learning. That is a really positive thing to do, and I hope it helps reset the balance.

    Individualism is a great stance to take. And one that I share on a deeply personal level.

    If you have space on your bookshelf take a look at Brene Brown’s “Braving the Wilderness”. It’s an interesting read.

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