Fenced In ~ Behind Wooden Bars

Fenced In ~ Behind Wooden Bars

Still continuing with my outdoor theme here is Day 7 of my FebPhotoFest.

This picture got pushed aside last April when it was taken. My man found it the other day along with this one taken at the same time – but with me showing off my arse a little. He like it so much he published it his own blog.

fenced in may more
Day 7 Fenced In

Mention for other PhotoFesters – Yesterday I checked out some of the PhotFest images and loved this image.

Thinking about being fenced in, I wrote a dark little series about a woman kept in a cage. It was inspired by a song by my brother-in-law.

fenced in Feb Photo Fest
Day 7 Fenced In


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  1. Keeping everyone guessing May! Great shot and my mind immediately jumped to that same story you have linked, which kept me riveted when you published it in the summer.

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