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Fiction Mystery Relay Writers

The race has begun. Here is a list of all the writers who are willing to take part in the relay.

The rules can be Found HERE

Relay Writers

I have included links to each writers work for you to check out if you are not familiar with them…

Once you have accepted the baton it will be time to think about which writer you want to continue the story after your part has been published. Let them know as soon as possible so they also have time to prepare and we can keep the relay moving.

Any questions please add to comments in case others are wondering the same ūüėČ

The List

May More ~ Sex Matters & Host of the Relay РPART ONE  ~  passed to Cousin Pons ~ PART SIXTEEN ~ The END

Sleepless in Erotica ~ Erotic author ~ PART ELEVEN ~ passed to Toolie

His Lordship ~ HisLordshipUK ~ PART EIGHT ~ passed to Liz Black

Posy Churchgate ~ Pillow Talk ~ PART TEN ~ passed to Sleepless

Elliott Henry ~ Life of Elliott ~ PART SIX ~ passed to Mrs K

Sweet Girl ~ A Submissive Wife ~ PART THREE ~ passed to Eve Ray

Toolie ~ Has guested on Sex Matters ~ PART TWELVE ~ passed to Charmer

The Barefoot Sub ~ A leap of Faith ~ PART FOURTEEN ~ Passed back to Liz

Cousin Pons ~ Books 1799 ~ PART TWO ~ passed to Sweet Girl.

Liz Black ~ Liz BlackX ~ PART NINE ~ passed to Posy ~ PART FIFTEEN ~ passed back to May

Eve Ray ~ Eve’s Temptations ~ PART FOUR ~ passed to Sass C

Snake Charmer ~ Snake charmer ~ PART THIRTEEN ~ passed to Barefoot

Mrs K ~ Life of a Kinky Wife ~ PART SEVEN ~ passed to His Lordship

I really hope every one finds this challenging but enjoyable.


Fiction Relay РNote to writers 

All entries must be: Gender inclusive. Body Positive. Kink/Fetish Positive.

I, May More, reserve the right to discuss rewrites AND the addition, before the first paragraph of entry, detailing content warnings (CN/TW/CW) deemed necessary.

I  strive for a harmonious environment and respect your individuality and personal expression. We want everyone to be made welcome and respected

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