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Fiction ‘Mystery’ Relay Page

Thank you to everyone who has put their name down to join in with the fiction mystery relay when you are handed the baton.

Fiction Mystery Relay

The list of writers can be found here with a link to their work. Once a writer has participated their name will be crossed though.

The story – Smile for the Camera – is the starting block. If hoping to take part please make sure you have read it a few times and are aware of all the characters.

A synopsis of the tale so far ~

Ellie and Susie were best friends as children. The summer before they were due to start secondary school, as usual the pair spent some time larking around taking photos in a local field. Ellie left in the afternoon as Susie was due to meet an older ‘mystery’ lad.

The next day Susie was found dead and a local man with learning difficulties, Bill, was questioned but released. After a while the case was suspended.

Ellie eventually got on with her life. Met Steve and is soon to be married. Wanting to put the past behind her she decided to finally get the photos from Susie’s last day developed and could not believe her eyes…

Characters and Angles

I have already written a few of these here, but as this is the go to page for the relay I will elaborate a little more.

Your episode need only provide another piece of the puzzle and does not have to lead directly on from the previous part. Let’s create a tapestry and weave the parts together as the story unfolds.

Ellie ~ How does she deal with what she sees in the old photo?

Pete, Ellie’s brother ~ What was he doing that day to get mud on his boots? Why, as an adult, has he never returned to his home town?

Steve, Ellie’s husband ~ Was it really him in the old image? And if so what was he doing there? And why has he never mentioned to Ellie that he knew Susie?

Bill ~ Are there other things about Bill we are not aware of?

Susie’s family ~ We know nothing about these people. What kind of life did Susie have?

The police who investigated the case ~ Who were they? Why was it suspended? Maybe concentrate on a detective and his view of the case?

Ellie’s Mum ~ Mentions she knew what “sort” Susie was and perhaps has seen more than she is letting on.

Friends ~ Always room for friends we have not discovered yet.

My part – Smile for the Camera – was written in the first person, as Ellie. I am stronger writing in this way but am happy for you guys to pen your chapter in which ever way you want. First, second or third person. Whatever you feel will add to the story.


Susie died aged 12 in the summer of 1995.

Ellie had the photos from that day developed in 2006 when she was 22.

Rules for the Fiction Mystery Relay

  • If you don’t have a blog I can host your chapter.
  • Everyone involved should keep up to date with the stories and support the other writers.
  • The person currently writing will choose to whom to pass the baton. So everyone should be ready. But if you need to delay just say and someone else can step in.
  • Episodes should be between 500 and 1500 words. Let me know if you need to go over that count.
  • Sex is optional. If it is needed as part of the plot that is fine but don’t just include it because you are having a horny day πŸ˜‰
  • Remember to add a content warning if your work needs one.
  • As you pass the baton you also need to provide a synopsis of how you see the story so far for the next person to put in the header of their post.
  • Your part should be published within 5 days of taking the baton.
  • If you would like to adapt a similar header image to the one above you will find it here on pixabay
  • At the start of your post provide a link to the previous part. When the writer who follows you has published their part you can then add the URL to the end of your chapter.
  • The title should begin – Fiction Relay Part X – and then end with whatever you wish.
  • On twitter promote with #FictionRelay
  • When complete, add the badge pointing to this page and link your story below.
  • If necessary I may take the baton myself. For what ever reason πŸ˜‰
  • The main thing is enjoy.
The Badge and Linky Tool

The badge is optional. if you use it please edit and add a link back to this page. If you don’t use the badge simply add the url ofΒ  this page at the bottom of your story…

fiction mystery relay

NB: At the end of episode 7 you can catch up here with a summary. And then again after episode 9 here is another summary up to that point.

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