Fiction Relay ~ pass the baton on

Fiction Relay ~ pass the baton on

The latest Fiction Relay page is here with a linky tool for the relay chapters…

I am going to run a fiction relay. I think it will provide a good opportunity for writers to be able to connect and also it’s fun to create along side others. After all we are so often blogging in our own separate bubbles. If you think this may be a project you want to be involved in then read on…

What is a fiction relay?

Basically it a fictional series written by lots of writers. It continues as long as a definite end has not been penned. During 2018 I was involved with one on the smut marathon site and thoroughly enjoyed the process.

I have been thinking about hosting this since the beginning of the lockdown. But various home and online debacles got in the way. Being creative is a great way to aid personal growth and  late summer is the perfect time to join in with other writers and explore your own fiction skills.

The idea actually was inspired by a comment from Ml Slave on one of my better stories – Smile for the Camera – at the end of last year. With that in mind, what better story to start the relay than that very mystery. Have a read of it and then come back to this page.


One of the reasons I choose to begin with this tale is because there are many angles a writer can pursue with the characters already created and the ending is not certain. For example – Bill is actually based on a real person who lived in my street when I was a child. He had learning difficulties, which I mention in the story, but what I didn’t mention was because of his problems he occasionally behaved somewhat inappropriately with young people. Bill could certainly be fleshed out more.

What about Ellie’s brother, Pete? He came home the day Susie went missing with mud on his boots and why did he choose to disappear abroad a few years later? What happened when he was on his travels?

Steve is the main suspect at this moment in time. But what was he up to that day? Just because he met Susie does not mean he killed her.

I also think there is room for more people to be introduced. Steve or Susie’s friends perhaps? What about family friends?

We know nothing of Susie’s family. I wonder what her home life was like?

Real life

As I said above Bill is based on a real person. I do find that drawing from your own world helps a story come to life and breath. The field and the woods are also from my past. What can you add from your world that will create some more twists and turns?

I’m really hoping people will dig deep. Challenge yourself. This is a murder mystery. Your writing may be controversial or need content warnings. That is fine. It is important to push barriers in fiction. Lets create strong believable characters and scenes that give the reader visual pictures. Let’s have fun.

Rules 4 the Fiction Relay

  • Anyone can get involved. Add your name in the comment section below if you are interested.
  • If you don’t have a blog I can host your chapter.
  • Each episode should be between 500 and 1500 words. But let me know if you need to go over that count.
  • Each part will link back to the one before and eventually forward on to the next. I will either make a link up page or a post of some kind where we can add the stories in order.
  • Sex is optional. If it is needed as part of the plot that is fine but don’t just include it because you are having a horny day 😉
  • Remember to add a content warning if your work needs one.
  • The person currently writing will choose who to pass the baton to. So everyone should be ready. But if you need to delay just say and someone else can be chosen.
  • Once you have been chosen to take over feel free to contact the previous writer to ask where they were heading, or what they were thinking.
  • Your part should be published within 5 days of taking the baton.
  • Try and leave your episode at a spot where another writer can easily continue.
  • At some point I may take the baton myself. For what ever reason lol
  • Everyone involved should keep up to date on the stories and support the other writers.
  • The main thing is enjoy.

Added to my meme Personal Growth Matters – for Catch up week.

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35 thoughts on “Fiction Relay ~ pass the baton on

  1. I am not really a writer of fiction but I wanted to say what a fantastic community project. It sounds really exciting and I look forward to reading the entries and keeping up to date. Good luck and well done! ❤️

  2. Oh man, I don’t know. I’ve done these before and never thought I measured up to the other writers participating. You know how insecure I am May. Is this a paying gig? That would help, I need some new cock rings. Do we have to supply illustrations, you know how shy I am? Oh well, what the hell, I’m in. I guess I better read the story now, but I think I know which one it is. Just trying to match your writing will be a challenge, and then there’s fucking Pons, please don’t put me after him, I would die. I’ll do it.

    1. yay – no it is not paid lol – I am running it for fun as I wondered where we could take the story. And I promise I won’t make you fuck Pons lol
      PS. I may be able to sort out a delivery of cock rings thou 😉

      1. Hey May
        It sounds like a brilliant idea.
        I am gonna be away for a couple of weeks. I have scheduled some posts to be published when I am away, but I don’t think I am gonna be able to write much. If it’s still going when I am back I’ll let you know.

  3. I’d love to join 😄
    I’ve read two thrillers the last few months, I’ve watched numerous episodes of Midsummer Murders and Death in Paradise. Let’s do this!

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