Fiction Relay ~ Characters & story so far

Fiction Relay ~ Characters & story so far

It seems a good time to catch up with the story so far on the fiction relay. My goodness you guys sure know how to put heat into a plot – in more ways than one.

Characters mentioned in the story so far

Susie ~ Mature 12 year old is murdered in the first part.

Ellie ~ Susie’s best friend aged 11 at time of murder.

Pete, Ellie’s brother ~ A few years older than the girls. So 14 or 15 years at time of murder.

Steve, Ellie’s soon to be husband. Played football with Pete. Was 15 at time of murder.

Steve’s Dad ~ A policeman on the beat – called Dan.

Bill ~ The local man with learning disabilities. Was walking his dog at the time of the murder.

Dave ~ Susie’s dad. Moves up North after the murder.

Beth ~ Dave’s new wife.

Sonia ~ Susie’s Mum. Was having affairs while Susie was a kid.

Ken Blake ~ A young local reporter. Also knew Pete.

Billy Trent ~ Sonia’s new partner. Sonia may have been having an affair with him at the time of Susie’s death.

Dan Trent ~ Billy’s Son. The second Dan.

Phil Walker ~ the police investigator on Susie’s case

Ellie’s Mum ~ Mentions she knew what “sort” Susie was.

Mr Yarnold ~ A hired killer.

Carla ~ Friend of Ellie’s

Sam ~ an escort Steve used to see on occasions, only mentioned once in Part 4.

Story so far

Ellie and Susie were childhood best friends aged 11 and 12, in the year 1995. On the last day that Ellie saw Susie alive they had met at their favorite wooded spot. Ellie had taken pictures with a disposable camera. Susie was reported missing. A while later her body was discovered strangled, and sexually assaulted; the killer wasn’t found. The camera film remained undeveloped for 11 years.

We move forward eleven years to 2006.

Dave has had a difficult time recovering from the grief that struck him following Susie’s death. He divorced Susie’s mother, Sonia. It appears she had been cheating on him for several years. Dave moves away, settling down with a new partner, Beth. He remembers that only one person, a reporter Ken Blake, seemed to be interested in the case.

Ellie became engaged to Steve Marchant at the age of 22. Going through old keepsakes, she finds the film and has it developed. Examining the photos, she is confused when she spots Steve standing in the background, somewhat camouflaged. It appears he was spying on them that fateful day. She becomes withdrawn from Steve and eventually leaves stating she is staying with her friend Carla.

Detective Walker is preparing to retire, but Susie’s unsolved case has been bothering him. He goes through the files once more and discovers something he missed 11 years prior. There appears to have been a second, smaller attacker.

Meanwhile, Steve, who is an estate agent, meets a man named Mr. Yarnold at an apartment, hoping for a large commission. Hearing footsteps behind he turns and sees a woman wearing a red dress and heels, but just before he can make out who it is he recalls a suppressed memory. On the day Susie died Steve ran into Ellie’s brother Pete who he accompanied to a football game. Pete left the game 15 minutes before Steve, leaving him to walk home alone. Steve comes across Susie and Ellie in the woods and overheard Susie talking about how she had a secret date. He notices Susie looks similar to a woman in an old photo he found at his Dad’s house. Are they related in some way? Once Ellie runs off, Steve sees Susie waiting by herself and wanted to approach but left after hearing a male voice.

Steve is brought back to the present by an enraged Ellie, dressed in red. She throws the picture from 11 years before at him and tells Mr. Yarnold – who is a hired killer – to shoot Steve. At this moment Steve denies killing Susie. Walking out the door she hears gunfire but doesn’t turn around. Instead she goes to the local pub to meet Dave, telling him Steve has been killed. Dave, who helped finance the setup, hopes that Susie can finally rest in peace.

Ellie leaves, and coincidentally, in the same pub Detective Walker is having his retirement party. He notices Dave and goes over to tell him about his recent discovery. Susie was likely to have been attacked by two people. One with a larger stature than the second. Dave feels sick. Ellie had been certain Steve was the killer. Nervously he agrees to meet up with Walker the following day to discuss these new developments.

Ellie returns home. Un be-known to her a car is opposite watching the house. It is the reporter Ken Blake. We learn that the reason why he continues to write about Susie’s case each year is to distract people because he was actually one of the killers. It’s obvious he’s psychotic and may have killed others. Knocking on Ellie’s door he explains who he is and says he would like to interview her.

Ellie recognizes him. He was an older friend of Pete’s from eleven years ago. But declines his offer as she needs to prepare for when the police come round to tell her Steve is dead. Before she has a chance to close the door she senses danger from Ken and retreats, running into the kitchen where to her shock she finds Steve, looking dark and ominous, holding Mr Yarnolds rifle.

Thoughts on the story so far and moving forward.

Why does Susie look like the woman in the photo Steve found in the attic of his dad’s house? Perhaps this is a red herring? Part 5.

Susie knew a Dan. Part 1. Was it Dan Trent or Steve’s Dad? Part 2 and 5.

Steve’s Dad was in the Police. Was he one of the officers Walker talks about who messed with the crime scene? Part 3. If so why did he do that?

Pete -What was he doing that day to get mud on his boots? Why, as an adult, has he never returned to his home town? Part 1.

Does Ellie’s Mum or Bill know more? Maybe they have just not been asked the right questions to disclose extra information? Part 1.

Steve is alive. Part 6. What happened when we thought he was shot by Mr Yarnold?

How will the meeting, planned in Part 7, between Dave and Walker pan out?

Who did Ellie’s Mum used to see Susie with in town? Part 1.

At the time of the murder was Sonia, Susie’s mum, having an affair with Dan(Steve’s Dad) Part 5 . Or Billy Trent? Part 2. Or both?

Could Sonia have been jealous of her daughter for some reason?

Will Pete return to his home town?

Just who is Carla? Part 4. How long have her and Ellie been friends?


If you have any extra details I have missed regarding the story so far please add in the comments 😉

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Story so Far ~ Read all seven parts here

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