The Final Love Heart ~ Short Story

The Final Love Heart ~ Short Story

At high school I realised I was missing out on something. During lunch break a large group of girls would gather at the end the field to talk about boys. When I first heard a description of what an orgasm felt like I was fifteen. Jan had just started seeing Phil from the year above and she was explaining  what happened when he put his hand down the front of her jeans and started sliding a finger along her slit.

“Then, suddenly I thought I was gonna burst. My head, and my cunt were on fire. With out warning I started shaking and he held me close, all smiles. His hardness pressing against my hip.” She declared enthusiastically.

The others started talking about how they masturbated to achieve the same feeling – an orgasm. So that night I went home and tried. And tried. But nothing happened. I just fell warm and sensitive – like.

Back then Tom was my best friend. And still is. We’ve known each other forever. His mum used to work with mine at the department store in town. That night he came round and we giggled at my efforts.

The years passed – quickly – and Tom and I went off to the same University. We’d always wanted to live by the sea so applied to Aberystwyth and was loving the slow way the folks of Wales view life. After the first year we rented a flat together and well, we have had tons of fun along the way. He got himself a steady babe, as he called her, but every so often he’d check in on me and ask if I’d managed the big O with or without help. The answer was always the same – “No.”

Then, the semester before last, Tom finished with the girlfriend and we started hanging out more in the evenings. Eating pic ‘n mix – the love heart sweets being my favourite – I’m obsessed with them. And drinking beer.

“So Gill who do ya fancy at the moment?” He asked one night.

I was pretty hot for Meg who was in my statistics seminar. She was beautiful – a complexion the colour of honey and hair as dark as ebony – I told Tom.

“Pick a love heart.” he insisted.

love heart
Love Heart Image from Pixabay

Grabbing one I read out the words, “E Mail,” and popped it in my mouth.

Tom throw me my phone

“Go on then. Email her. Ask her on a date.”

Meg and I had some fun getting to know each other. Her tongue was something else and she smelled as good as she looked. When I told her I hadn’t ever climaxed she invested in a few sex toys with a clear aim to get me off. All I can say is we certainly had fun trying and often would end up in a fit of giggles. But it wasn’t true love and after a few months she turned her attentions to another lucky girl.

“So you’re not going to give up are you?” Tom glanced over his shoulder whilst stirring the spaghetti for our supper.

“No, I haven’t given up. I have my hand, a wand and a dildo.”I laughed. “But I like that guy, Jim, the one you were talking to at the student union last Friday.”

“Do you now. You know what you got to do? Pick a love heart.”

Opening a new pack I gently took the first sweet from the tube and shouted out the words held within the heart.

Cool Dude.”

And the love hearts never lie. Jim was a cool dude. Not to mention his cock was awesome. Truly something to behold, or rather get hold of. But he didn’t make me come. Not only that the fact that he couldn’t had a direct impact on him and he started having a few em…  problems. Let’s just say when we decided to go our separate ways it wasn’t only me not climaxing. Oops, poor Jim.

That led Tom and I to start checking out a few sex toy sites on line and we ordered some products for me to try. A remotely controlled vibrating egg, a heated dildo and a clitoral sucking toy. Yep, we were trying to cover all bases. And I was enthusiastic in my work but with no joy.

Then one night, I had just got into bed when, Tom knocked on my door.

“Got an idea.” His wide smile made his eyes twinkle. “Stick the ball inside you and I’ll take the remote next door to my room. Let’s see what happens.”

He grabbed the controls before I had a chance to say no and disappeared. I inserted the egg shaped implement between my pussy lips. It was resting a little on my clit too, and waited.

In fact after about ten minutes I thought he’d given up and was falling asleep when suddenly I felt a tingling between my legs, making me jump. I realised the games were about to begin. Tom was turning the remote up and down, quick and slow, and I didn’t know what was coming next.

I began to picture him, my best friend in the world, laying there, one hand playing with the controls the other massaging his cock. Wow. Suddenly as another vibration hit my clit, with this image in my head, I could feel my self going over the edge. My body began to quiver and my eyes fell back into my head. It was happening, finally. Crying out I thrust my hips upwards, quivering, and eventually fell back on to the bed perspiring with delight.

The vibrations ended and five minutes later Tom came in and lay next to me on the bed.

“I heard you”. He mouthed.

Picking up a tube of love hearts from my bedside table he popped one in his mouth before handing me the last sweet in the pack. Still feeling ardent from recently having climaxed a tear of happiness rolled down my left check as I read the words at exactly the same time he softly repeated them…

Be mine,” he whispered, bending down for our first ever kiss. At that moment I knew I was –  and always had been – exactly that.


The Final Love Heart  was written for, and sponsored by, BestVibe who provide a variety of sex toys for men, women, and couples.

You can also find them on twitter.

Many thanks to the gorgeous Posy Churchgate for the header image.

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9 thoughts on “The Final Love Heart ~ Short Story

  1. I was caught from your first paragraph! Probably because it felt relatable to me, haha
    Though I had to laugh starting from the second paragraph

    I like how you’re working around the love heart theme here and how we’re following a longer time period, until it ends up where we knew we were going to!

    1. yeah – the ending was probably a give away – which is unusual for me that it was no secret – i think the tale was a little bit u and – a little bit me and Vic – he was my best friend and we became lovers

      1. I don’t think the ending being a give away was bad, I actually think it worked well for this story because that’s the kind of story it is. I like that it was a little bit me, haha! And that’s adorable to be honest. I know you’ve told me before 🙂 x

  2. This was so cute May, I love that it was a little more tender and thoughtful, being from the perspective of a heroine who was more shy than some of your leads! I am a bit superstitious about Love Hearts too, and Magpies.
    I’ve been meaning to try one of those remote control eggs, so I’ll look on Best Vibe’s site – they are very professional to deal with.
    Thank you for giving my image a new purpose – I love all those ‘penny sweets’ except the Drumsticks! (thanks for the compliment Jacques X)

  3. Love this, May! And I love the image, Posy!! (I’m all about the sweets, of course… but have you ever really tried eating Love Hearts and drinking beer?? Let’s just say that I find the bicarb in the sweets combined with yeasty beer can be quite explosive, if you know what I mean…)
    Jacques xx

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