Fishnets on a Night Out

Fishnets on a Night Out

I met this girl, well woman, nice tits, but her legs were something else – gorgeous, slender yet shapely. They were covered by jeans that night, and as we made out in the pub car park I wanted more than anything to touch them, to caress the length of her limbs, feel the skin between her thighs. I imagined it was going to be soft and silky like satin.

I asked her on a night out and told her to wear a skirt- ‘short’ I said. You know, so I could get an eyeful when I drove her to the club. As she got into the passenger seat I was happy; the skirt was short but her legs were netted, fishnets I think you call them. I could spy her skin through the holes but her legs were still obscured. As I drove I put my hand on her knee. She glanced at me and smiled. My fingertips felt through the netting and stroked the skin. But it wasn’t enough. No sooner had I touched the warmth of her flesh the material would be under my fingers, harsh and raised.

Arriving at the club we sat at the bar and I bought her a drink. We chatted. Nice girl. Hairdresser. Make-up and hair immaculate. Her nails and lips matched her tight, red blouse. Then there was the leather skirt. Her legs were crossed so I could see even more of them than before. I could not keep my eyes away. The lights from the ceiling were shining, illuminating the skin – but those fishnets were  still in the way. It was becoming hard to bear.

We danced and she didn’t mind when I put my hand on her arse. Moving it down so I could just get a feel under her skirt to the back of her thighs. Surely they must be stockings. Then I would be able to lightly caress her skin without the netting. But fuck they were tights – right up and over her arse cheeks. It was almost intolerable. I could feel my frustration making me sweat. Clouding my vision.

She pulled away a bit. Didn’t like me showing her arse off to the rest of the dance floor, I suppose. Fair enough. She took my hand and whispered in my ear,

“Let’s go outside.”

Once out the back we ran along the road to this park and sneaked into one of the gardens.

She came on to me strong. Her hand was on my crotch but I knew I wouldn’t get hard until I could feel that soft, silky, plump thigh skin. I had to have it. As I Kissed her roughly she pushed her tits against me, while both my hands went under her skirt reaching up high to the waistband of the fishnet tights. I grasped at them frantically until they came down just a bit. They were tight, as their name suggests, and I was getting jittery with anticipation. Then I did it. I couldn’t stop myself – I fell to my knees and began to grab and tear at them. Pulling the holes until they were bigger and bigger. Ripping them to shreds in a lust-induced frenzy. Then, finally her legs were bare.

I told her to sit on the bench, pulled her panties down and buried my head between her thighs. Rubbing my hands up and down the silky skin on her legs, licking that fleshy bit at the top that led up to her naked slit. I was not disappointed; it felt as I had imagined, like heaven. My cock was now throbbing in my trousers and I took one hand away to release it.

Her breathing quickened as she put her hands on my head and pulled my mouth in closer. The aroma of cunt filled the air as I began to jerk my cock, lick her pussy and stroke her juicy thighs. She began to moan and threw her head back as she climaxed. I stood up and with a few more tugs, shot my load all over the top of her legs. It was such a relief as I saw my cum dripping down her creamy thighs. That’s where I wanted it to be.

As we left the park she grabbed the fishnets from the grass and laughing threw them in the rubbish bin.

fishnets – stockings
Fishnets Night Out Wicked Wednesday
Fishnets on a Night Out

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18 thoughts on “Fishnets on a Night Out

  1. I loved this story and the way that the man’s desperation came across. His obsession and need for her legs completely clouded his focus and the way he lost control meant that it was a great mix of dark and light ?

  2. This is a HOT story and I love how you have combined the two memes into one. Fishnets are so damn sexy, even when ripped 🙂

    Rebel xox

    1. I hate to dampen your enthusiasm but this is fiction – I am not really that guy and I am not even the girl who had her tights ripped off 😉

  3. This was great May, it seemed to gather speed and urgency like a runaway train, perfect for the action it was depicting! I loved all the naughtiness in it, in particular that the girl is not portrayed as a tease, she’s just as up for it as the guy! Not in the least surprised your man was such an immediate fan of it!

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