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Five Meals From One Chicken ~ A Neat Trick

I have spoken before how my man and I make meal time special. We cook from scratch, and are not at all wasteful. We can’t afford to be.

Occasionally we will buy a whole chicken. Free range, for many reasons I won’t go into here, but overall because they taste better. I am a huge fan of chickens. I mean, come on, they give us eggs too. Our local Supermarket, Aldi, sell great food and recently I bought a chicken for £5.90. Here is the story of that chicken.

The Chickens Tale ~ Meals for Two

Meal One

Mostly my man cooks. He enjoys it. For him it is another creative outlet. So when we got the chicken he butchered it. Cutting off the legs, thighs and wings, which we then froze. The first meal from this wonderful chicken was a roast, just using the crown. It was accompanied with roasted potatoes, onions and parsnips. Plus steamed spring greens and carrots. He does a little trick while roasting the bird. For a while he turns it over and cooks it on it’s back. This really leads to very moist meat, and a crisp skin. The meal was delicious, but with just the two of us there was plenty of meat left over. We stored it in the fridge for a couple of days, ready for the second feast.

Meal Two

Neither of us anticipated the second chicken meal would be so big. But there was a lot of breast flesh left and it all went into a curry. I sometimes cook curry. I do prefer the meals you can make all in one pot! But my man once again took this on. We use fresh chilies, and create our own spice mix to marinate the meat in. Not only that we have recently discovered how to make Indian base gravy which makes any curry extremely authentic. It is a rich base ingredient made from various herbs and spices, onions and carrots. A really good method of delivering your five a day.

The curry was served with a potato and spinach bhaji, rice and homemade flat breads. so you can understand when I tell you that there was quite a bit left over.

Meal Three

The following day the chicken curry came out of the fridge and we eat it for lunch. It tasted even better after the over night stay had caused the spices to marinade the chicken even further. We liked our plates clean. Not kidding!

Meal Four

As you can imagine by this time we had eaten our fill of chicken. But that was OK. If you remember the remainder was chilling in the freezer. So we eat other things for a week. Then we returned to the chicken.

Once defrosted my man cooked one of his favourite meals. Chicken chasseur. Full of wonderful tastes, tarragon, tomatoes, mushrooms and white wine. Over time we have realised this teams up very well with savory rice. So that’s what we had. Along with a green vegetable, I can’t recall. By the end we were stuffed. But there were still the chicken wings, quite a bit of sauce and some rice left over. Once cooled we put it in the fridge.

Meal Five

Yes, you have guessed it. The following day we warmed it through thoroughly and eat it for lunch along side some garlic toast, simply created by rubbing a clove of garlic over some warm toast (cut from a homemade loaf). Once again we commented how the taste seemed even better in the follow up meal.


For all of you who are reading this and thinking how boring it must be to have the left overs of a dinner for a meal the next day then either you have not experienced excellent cooking or you have much more money than sense, and should send some my way. And I think the chicken would be pleased nothing was wasted. It’s life was taken, the least we can do is respect that and appreciate every last morsel. Often, when not butchering the chicken, we use the bones after a whole roast chicken to make a soup. Again this has a lot of nutritious value.

All the food we make is from scratch. Hardly any is processed. It takes time and effort to cook like this but it is worth it. The nutrient content you get from the food is much higher and the pesticide/additives much lower. This all goes for better taste and health. A neat trick I think 😉

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14 thoughts on “Five Meals From One Chicken ~ A Neat Trick”

  1. My husband is also mainly the cook in our home. He’s creative and makes a lot of really great dishes, but he hates leftovers. Me? I’m a one pot meal kinda girl. And I’m big on cooking easy comfort food. We’ve both been going to school, and now that everyone is back to work/school, we’ve fallen in to bad pattern of take out, restaurants, and crappy food. We need to get back to cooking like this. My ass agrees. And so does our bank account. If I could only convince myself to enjoy cooking…

  2. In fact, the amount of pesticides and other rubbish contained in meat is more dependent on what the chicken was fed. But nevertheless, if you cook yourself it is fun and delicious. Well, and probably cheaper than buying a ready-made one.

  3. Great post May. We also cook mostly from scratch and don’t waste anything. I plan all of the meals each week which helps with this and like you, sometimes use the freezer to buy some time. I have found that going plant based has meant that I have had to return to basics a little to get to know the new ingredients and combinations as cooking previously had become quite innate after all these years. I think with a large family and a restricted budget, cooking well is key. Missy x

  4. Like you, I prefer to make meals that all fit into one pot. I love those. Also, I love to eat the same thing the next day, because the flavors are always a lot better. We try to throw away as little food as possible, and ever since it’s only the two of us, we succeed a lot better in this than before. Great use of a chicken!
    ~ Marie xox

  5. Getting creative with leftovers is key, for me, when it comes to food budgeting.

    A few ideas for using up chicken, if you haven’t tried them already:

    Chicken & Dumplings — I don’t know if this is a UK thing or just a US thing, but basically you make a homemade soup with vegetables and your leftover chicken, then cook little balls of dough by dropping them into the top of the hot soup.

    Stir Fry — can be made with any variety of veggies and spices you choose, served over rice or noodles

    BBQ Chicken Pizza — instead of red sauce on your pizza round, use barbeque sauce, then top with leftover chicken, mozzarella, and any other toppings that suit your palate

    (I’m not a neat eater anymore but I used to be and I spent my adolescence in a large family with pretty poor parents, so I know lots of ways to use up leftover meat even if I don’t consume the meals myself! 😉

      1. Once your soup is hot, you scoop your biscuit dough in little balls into the top. The dough cooks by boiling, thus “dumplings.”

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