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Five Top Tummy Tips ~ Food Matters

Plus my FebPhotoFest Day 2…

I am going to go into more detail regarding foods that work for me the week after next – catch up week. But wanted to write a quick five top tummy tips to healthy eating.  About possible things to look out for if you are trying to improve the way you eat.

Foods that Heal

Top Tummy Tips

Top Tip One ~ Read the Labels.

I was reading Marie’s post and she mentioned about reading the labels on food products and it is certainly the logical and sensible thing to do. Why wouldn’t we? It is up to us to take responsibility for what we consume and this is a great way to start. Know what you are eating and if you see an ingredient you are not familiar with look it up.

Top Tip Two ~ Watch out for Sweeteners.

I wrote here in more detail about sweeteners. There is a lot of evidence that they can cause all kinds of health problems. Mostly, anything artificial for me is a no no. Except a dildo!

Top Tip Three ~ Cook from Scratch

When ever possible start your meal from scratch. I was once chatting to a friend about this and she said she always cooked from scratch and then proceeded to go to the freezer and get out a pack of chicken Kiev. She then made some mash and steamed some broccoli and really did think she was cooking from scratch. It is definitely more healthy to try and limit pre-prepared and processed food in your diet.

Top Tim Four ~ Organic vegetables

When at all possible purchase organic vegetables. It really can make a big difference cutting down on pesticides. They can cause a lot of allergic reactions. I will be writing more about that in week four.

Top Tip Five ~ Avoid Meat with Hormones.

Julie wrote about how some food products we purchase contain hormones.  Meat is one of them. This may have an adverse effect on our health. If at all possible buy organic locally sourced meat from a farm shop or similar.

Health and Cost

My man and I try and heed the above five points to healthy eating when ever possible. Since we have followed this plan his Lyme disease symptoms mainly stay at bay and we do not pick up the annoying viruses that go around. And as to the cost – we have to shop on a budget so are always on the look out for the mark-down products. Then we freeze them for a later date. Also there are supermarkets such as Aldi who offer organic and free range products for an economical price.

February Photo Fest – Theme Outdoors

My FebPhotoFest2020  photo for day 2 was taken a few years ago in Portugal. Here is another similar image shot at the same time.

I think this image works well for the article above about eating healthily


Mention ~ I have been checking out the other people in the PhotoFest and really liked this image from day 1

Day 2 Five Top Tummy Tips



16 thoughts on “Five Top Tummy Tips ~ Food Matters”

  1. Great photo.

    I have IBS so can have stomach trouble depending on what I eat. I’ve never been great at tracking as I should. I usually just eat which probably isn’t great for my stomach. Something I should probably do better at for my digestive health

  2. These are great tips, May! I must admit although I do cook from scratch and am careful about what i eat, i rarely buy organic produce. it’s usually if I have picked it up accidentally! That is a beautiful image, too!

    1. Well i think the organic is important if you have a problem with pesticides. My daughter and I do – that’s how i first started buying it x

  3. My OH is much more trained at cooking from scratch than me, I’m a bit lazy, but my eldest has an allergy that pre-prepared sets off (even dry packets of flavourings) so we always cook from the basic ingredients up when he’s with us. It does make us feel better.

  4. Wonderful tips and similar to the ones that my nutritionist has given me to follow. Your image is so fun and carefree too!

    I love Aldi and recently we just got a Lidl. ?

    1. I am a Lidl fan too. Glad u like my image and interesting that the nutritionist told u the same thing. I have a background in nutrition but i studied it quite a few years back x

      1. The nutritionists here are stepping back from all the crazy fad diets and keeping it simple- no processed foods, no white flour and no white sugars. There is a caveat to the sugar though, with all the sugar substitutes it’s more important to read labels as the sugar substitutes are worse for you than natural sugars. It’s quite a tangled web at times lol

  5. Since our son moved back we have been eating more from scratch. Its really a pain reading labels but now that we are older we have to do it. So much easier to do carry out, but then a bad habit forms plus it’s expensive. Your photo is amazing!!!

    1. It is great to have the “go-tos” as it can be hard cooking from scratch everyday – takes a lot of planning a head. I have my go-tos as well. A wise man once said to me if eating packaged products – “never buy anything that has more than 5 ingredients”

  6. Lots of interesting thoughts and you’re right, being responsible is major part of health. I was diagnosed as coeliac last year and it was a surprise but makes sense with hindsight. I try mostly to cook from scratch but where I can’t I’ve known go-tos that I’m fairly safe with now,
    Great series x

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