Fly me to the moon ~ growth via self liberation

Fly me to the moon ~ growth via self liberation

When I think of my personal growth and how to evolve for the better I now realise it is all wrapped up in liberty. Freedom from unwanted restrictions. The ability to speak my views.


Oppression is the opposite of liberation. And I want nothing to do with it unless it involves my man tying me up

It has recently struck me that unless your have a very strong will and determination, oppression of any kind makes it extremely hard to even think about personal growth let alone put any ideas in to play for your self development. Being able to work on your personal growth can be a privilege for some.

Recently I wrote about my lockdown trauma. I am such a wimp! And also how independence, which is bound up with freedom, makes me more confident. I truly have felt way too restricted the last few months – the contrast from living in the country to being in a small city flat proved too much and I behaved irrationally at times. The most I seemed to manage – to assist my personal growth – was quite a bit of deep thinking. I certainly do  want to change some aspects of my behaviour.

So for me the oppression had a negative effect on my ability to look forward and set goals.

While running this meme I have read so many wonderful posts about how people managed to keep it together and improve. I take my hat of to them. Obviously not my thinking hat as that is one thing I did manage to continue with. 😉

Not bound by rules

But in my normal life I am lucky. It is shaped it in such a way that I am not bound by rules and regulations. Often even time has no meaning either. Which can be pretty neat. Then, I am happy to say that over the last five years I think my mind has developed quite a bit.


Starting to write on this blog just over three years ago was a very liberating thing to do. It gave me the chance to explore so many different topics. Learning constantly and of course the more you write the more you think and at times the better your writing gets.

Peach Peace and quiet

Another thing that my life affords me to do is spend a lot of of time alone. And without noise. That is something I would really recommend to anyone. Perhaps find the opportunity to walk in high oxygenated areas by yourself without any head phones – leave your phone at home. Such activities can clear your head and higher your self esteem. Not to mention walking is a healthy thing to do.

Fly me to the moon

4Thoughts or fiction has the header image of this airplane.

fly me to the moon
Going to the moon?

I took the shot about four years ago. Of course travel certainly helps widen your horizons and the chance to relax and delve deep to think about your personal goals or potential things you want to be involved with over the next year. Although I don’t think this particular plane had anyone aboard. The image is not photo-shopped at all and as you will see it is without a company logo on the underside – which is a little strange I think?

However, when I am in a sunny climate I certainly feel like I can tackle anything. My man and I often go away for the whole of January. We have a friend who loans us their apartment in Portugal. When that happens I seem to get so much done. Even if I am simply laying on the beach reflecting or reading.


Taking photos is another great thing to do. I know many of my readers are excellent photographers. Marie has her own studio and PS and gem certainly have an excellent eye for an outdoor shot. I expect it is a hobby that broadens minds in many ways. Looking through a lens at life.

may more beach moon
Maybe under a moon crater?

The above image for the fun photo meme was taken on a beautiful beach in Portugal. I love how the light makes the sand look almost white and dissolves the edge of the image. The surround was wonderful and bestowed a daily calmness on me. It felt like my stresses were being taken out to sea with the tide.

The image below was taken at a similar time – I thought it would be fun to play with the light and the colour for the monocromerotic meme. I think this photo makes me look like I am on another planet, the moon perhaps. 😉

Moon landings


There is one thing I have tried a little but have not made full use of to aid my personal growth and that is meditation. When I got to about twenty six I thought there must be more to life – or more to what life is meant to be all about. So I went to a meditation class a few times. But it didn’t seem to work too well for me. When my kids were young I would try out toddler methods of meditation with them too. That was fun. But I would like to give it another go as a fully fledged grown up! I know there are lots of apps and books out there that work for many people. If you have a suggestion please let me know.

What I do hope is that the world situation improves and we can move forward with less restrictions. It is so sad for the elderly who have contributed all their lives to society to now be distanced from it.

August is time for Snakes meme – join in any time during the month. I am going straight in with M for MOON! Yes is could have been B for beach or L for liberty but I  like MOON! As I also have M for including 5 Memes! And M for Meditation… Didn’t I do well…

M is for Fly me to the Moon!
Monochromerotic moon
M is for Monochromerotic
Self Liberation
Personal Growth Matters
Liberate to grow
fun theme photo meme

16 thoughts on “Fly me to the moon ~ growth via self liberation

  1. Firstly I love the images you have included. You are so good at photography and definitely have an eye for what is erotic and creative. From reading your blog it seems that you did grow a lot in terms of your thinking and your self reflection. I know you don’t like to make a fuss but I think of all of my friends you were the one who had to make the biggest and most difficult adjustment from the way your life is usually to the way you had to live it during lockdown. I have great admiration for the way that you managed those changes and am enjoying seeing the energy is has created in you now that you have more freedom to explore back again ❤️

  2. I love your ability to cover so many ideas and concepts in one post! I have listened to a few guided meditations in the past from apps or YouTube, I wonder if they would work for you?

    I totally understand and agree with you that feeling trapped is not conducive to personal growth, and that a confined living space is extremely challenging.

    I’m glad you are back where you feel free, and want to say that I always found you to be a positive voice even if you don’t think you were.

    Thank you 🌸

  3. Some of those shots really are out of this world so I like the fun of thinking you’ve flown to the moon, sounds like a safe play to travel to this time of year.

  4. I think you make a very interesting point. Oppression limits out ability to be open, explore and grow. I so agree with your recommendation on going into nature without any headphones. I love just listening to nature; it’s what makes walking pleasurable to me. Leaving my phone at home is more difficult as I like to take certain pictures nowadays 😛

    I love the shot of the plane you took. That’s very well captured!

    1. TY I was very impressed when i saw how clear it was and of course if u just take the phone out as a camera and don’t go on twitter or whats ap – lol then that is not a problem 😉 x

  5. I’m so glad you joined in for August–I think September will be fall even though it won’t feel like fall here.

    I haven’t dealt with the isolation and lack of liberty all that well either–I can totally relate. xx

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