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Food Matters ~ Catch Up Week

I’m thrilled at how much support Food Matters has received over the last three weeks.

(NB: Scroll to the end for Day 10 of my FebPhotoFest.)

It does appear sex bloggers have a lot to say about food one way or another.

Last week was Recipe week – there are certainly some in the mix that I want to try. The entries included, curry, a vegan dish, chili con carne, macaroni cheese, biscuits and quite a few soups – I look forward to creating this one in particular, by Eve’s Temptations. It has chestnuts as one of the key ingredients …

A Soup for Christmas (and Other Occasions). Food too is a temptation and good food a sensual delight that goes hand in hand with the pleasures of the flesh. Try this soup as a starter before the turkey. READ MORE…

Catch Up Week

If, like my man, you missed any of the prompts for this month long meme this week is time to catch up and link below.

Also you are welcome to enter any food related posts here if you think they are informative in some way. Your personal experience is very welcome.

This post will take you to the badges and from here you can also link to all the topics we have covered over the last three weeks – the bullet points above also link to the past prompts.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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Don’t forget that my Life Matters meme has other topics which will be open for discussion over the next few months. The topic of books starts in four weeks.

Also please remember Julie has a meme about Health and Fitness starting in a  few weeks – click the badge below to check it out.

February Photo Fest Day 11

Sometimes images that leave somewhat to the imagination can prove interesting. I can tell you I am outside 😉 and for some reason I really like this image …

Day 11 Still Outdoors for Catch up Week

PhotoFest mention from yesterday – my goodness this is simply too hot to handle

Day 11


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  1. I can’t tell you why I really like this image either, but it just has that kind of feel? it feels like there could be a dozen if not more different stories in this picture. I think it would be a pretty good picture to inspire creative writing!

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