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Food Matters – Foods that Heal

Last week was all about problems people have encountered with food.

Last Week – Food Problems

Fourteen wonderful posts linked up. Each providing valuable information on food related problems. Topics included – Eating disorders, food intolerance, health issues, comfort eating, sugar and processed food.

One post I want to highlight for recommended reading was contributed by His Lordship.

Living with someone who does not see themselves as you do, and as lots of others see them, can be challenging. Coupled with someone who really has to think hard about what they put in their mouth is frustrating at times. However, it’s not such a big deal. You adapt to the basic rules of the game, you influence a change where you can and you accept that’s how they are. READ MORE…

This week’s prompt is Foods That Heal.

How we eat may help solve the problems food can cause.

Healthy ways of eating – Foods that Heal

  • Has changing your diet to become a vegetarian or vegan helped a health-related problem?
  • Plant- based diets – are they a modern fad or do they work?
  • Is it is better to eat ‘diet products’ that include sweeteners etc. or are do you think chemical intervention is not the way to go?
  • What about cooking from scratch? Has this helped your health?
  • Many people who have a food intolerance or allergy cut out certain foods. Does this work for you?
  • Do certian foods make you feel sexy?
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  1. Dammit May! I was just writing a food post. It wasn’t closed when I looked this morning. Do you have another food one??? Sharing recipes? Feve had done one with a shrimp stirfry.

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