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Food Matters ~ Problems with Food

When you read my own post for the first week’s prompt you will understand one of the reasons why I started  Life Matters and why I chose to begin with food problems.

Food is  key to our survival, a source of nourishment and pleasure. But for many it can also be problematic for a variety of  reasons.

Food Problems
  • The unmentionable eating disorders that are often covered up and hidden away.
  • When the food you eat seems to be harming your health rather than helping.
  • Financial or educational problems can be related as it is my belief we can all eat well on a budget but have not been taught to do so.
  • Addictions. Some foods can be addictive causing bad food habits. Or anxiety leads to bad food choices.
Eating Disorders

Childhood bullies. Parental chaos. Many things may trigger people into bad relationships with food. But perhaps something else, – hormones, stress, ambition, peer pressure – inflames that susceptibility, causing the problem to take over.

Health Harming Food

Some people develop food intolerances or allergies where certain foods are concerned. When this happens normally healthy foods create dire health-related problems which may take years to diagnose and sort out.

Eating well on a Budget

Food can escalate into a problem if someone has not been taught how to eat well on a budget.  Rather than learn how to cook from scratch a person may decide to buy ready meals full of additives, causing mental and/or physical problems.


It is easy to become addicted to different foods and think we cannot do without them. Stress or anxiety may help fuel the addiction.

Above are some of the things you can write about that fall under the topic of Problems with Food. If you know of others then I want to read about them too. Any issues you have with food fits under this link up.

Please write about your knowledge and experience of the problems food can cause. I want others to learn from your posts and feel supported by the fact they are not alone in feeling the way they do.

Also please link up old and new posts – I am happy for you to add more than one article if it fits the prompt.

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