Food Matters ~ Your Recipes

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But first Day 3 of my FebPhotoFest

I really enjoyed our time at the deserted, derelict mansion last October.

Here is another image shot at the old mansion. A little more risque than the one below.

My wellies are green, as is my jacket and the ivy. I feel at home in the outdoors so I suppose green may be a colour for me.

Framed in green Day 3 FebPhotoFest2020


Mention for ~ I really loved this image from day 2 of the PhotoFest.

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Day 3 – Be Seen in Green

Food Matters ~ Recipes

If you have not had the chance to read last weeks posts about the foods we eat that help us stay healthy – or simply work for us – then check them out. Particularly if some foods are causing you a problem. You may find a solution.

One post I would like to highlight is this one from Posy Churchgate about her journey with food when she found herself having to learn to eat again…

Ordering shepherds pie, I just ate the potato topping. Next meal I tried a cup of coffee and half a blueberry muffin. Good, but with a downside. It was horrible to have my stomach (which must have shrunk) feel so full. READ MORE

This week is a fun one. Recipes!
Food Matters Your Recipes

Link up with any that you have as long as they are part of you life. Ones that work for you and that you cook regularly.

Include as many recipes in a post as you like. Maybe even a video. And please link up old recipes if you have any on your blog too.

I am particularly interested in your own personal recipes. Ones that you have created by trial and error when cooking a meal.

And those which include ingredients that most people would be able to eat. So perhaps a vegan or vegetarian recipe you find delicious.

Happy for desserts to be included too. Biscuits and cakes tra-la-la…

Please take a little time to look at other recipes in the link up too

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5 thoughts on “Food Matters ~ Your Recipes”

    1. I worked in this place recently that had a walled garden exactly as I imagined the secret garden – it threw me back to my childhood x

  1. The green works so well together! I absolutely love this picture. It’s very pretty. Am also interested to see what recipes people will share. ( I don’t think I have that many healthy ones to share… I just do whatever as long as all the ingredients are bought separate, rather than prepackaged or preprepared)

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