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Food Matters ~ A month long meme

This year I am hosting a project called Life Matters.

An ad-hoc meme which will run one month on, one month off, covering various life topics.

Food Matters is the first subject of the Life Matters meme. Please Check the Life Matters page for further information regarding the project as a whole.

Food Matters ~ open 21st to 27th January

Food is important. We need food for survival. Yet the topic is  only touched on in schools and even doctors have a minimal amount of tutoring in nutrition. Perhaps this is why food can be a bit of a conundrum for many. It can take years to work out which foods work for us and why. For many cooking remains a lifetime mystery.

Food Matters will be broken into four parts. Every part will last a week. You can go through to the linky tool, as each becomes live, from this post. I am really hoping bloggers will enter their relevant posts, old and new, to create a resource for others.

  1. Problems with food – Eating disorders, health issues etc. 21st – 27th January.
  2. Foods that Heal – Ways to eat that improve health etc. 28th – 3rd February.
  3. Favourite recipes. 4th – 10th February.
  4. Catch up on above or food posts in general. 11th – 17th February.

Here is a choice of two Food Matters badges.

If you copy the code remember to paste it into your post in text/html mode.

If you are saving the badge itself make sure you link it back to this page – – so that when people read your post they will know exactly where to mind similar resources.

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