Footwear tales past & present ~ May in Boots

Footwear tales past & present ~ May in Boots

I am kind of known for my wellie boots but that was never really intentional.

Wellington Boots

It happened as my man and I were so often outside when we took the pictures and often I happened to be wearing my wellie boots. When you actually work around horses etc. they are a necessary accessory.

Perfect footwear for the moors

I first remember wearing wellies when I was nearly five. It was January and I was starting school. The snow was so deep it nearly went over the top of my boots. In those days schools didn’t close just because the ol’ white stuff fell from the sky.

I was quite a gregarious kid, up until I was about eight. So when we were allowed out in the playground I started talking to a boy and literally remember saying something like,

“I don’t have any friends yet. Will you be my boyfriend?”

He agreed and we started playing together most days. However, I became somewhat of an annoyance to this boy. I would jump on his back without a moments notice. He got tired of this and one day sternly turned round and said,

“If you do that one more time I won’t be your boyfriend any more.”

Ah yes. You have guessed. I did it again and there ended our relationship. He was actually a year older so when the term finished he was moved into a different class and I didn’t really need to have anymore dealings with him.

However, many years later. About 10 years ago actually. An old school friend was having a birthday party and he turned up. He chatted to another friend of mine and before you could blink they started an affair. She left her husband and teenage kids for him and then he simply walked away from her. With the words,

“I didn’t promise you anything.”

So at the age of five I think I had a very lucky escape 😉

Songs about Footwear

When I was very young my uncle would often play the song These boots were made for walking. And what a great song it was. Years later I looked the video up on you tube and it is sooo cool and very sexy. A must watch so here it is…

The other song that I think of to do with footwear is by Paolo Nutini – New Shoes.

Hey, I put some new shoes on
And suddenly everything is right
I said, hey I put some new shoes on
And everybody’s smiling, it’s so inviting
Oh short on money but long on time
Slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine
And I’m running late and I don’t need an excuse
‘Cause I’m wearing my brand new shoes

My god-daughter loved this song. When her and my youngest daughter were about nine they were best friends. As were her mother and me. I often took the two kids to the beach after school and they would always ask for me to put New Shoes on and we’d all sing along. They were very happy times for me.

More Footwear ~ High Heels

It has to be said I have always been a bit of a tom-boy. But there have been times when I have given up the flat boots and shoes and worn rather high heels. I have already told of the Wham years. I think as a younger woman I was often swayed by my girlfriends when we went out for a night on the town. If they wore heels I did too. But I am tall so can get by without them and usually do on a day to day basis.

However, when my man and I got together properly in 2014 I really felt the need to be feminine so purchased a few beautiful pairs of shoes with very high slim heels. I remember one time we decided to have a special date night. I’d been away on holiday for a week and on my return we arranged to meet in a pub as if we were strangers.

I donned a pencil skirt. Tight white blouse and killer heels. Similar to those in the amazing header shot. I could see him watching out of the pub window as I tottered up to the entrance. Walking in I headed for the bar where there were a few people chatting and at that moment my man came over and said,

“I was wondering if I could perhaps buy you a drink?”

I replied in the affirmative and he asked me my name. The people near us were ear wigging and thought we were strangers. So when the drinks arrived he put a hand round and groped my arse pulling me towards him for a snog. Their eyes nearly came out on stalks. It was very funny.

Members Gallery One footwear

Another thing about high heels – I love to see men in high heels and stockings – so hot. The header image is use by kind permission of Alice – and he looks amazing in those shoes.

Many thanks to Alice for the awesome header shot – find him on twitter or his blog.

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19 thoughts on “Footwear tales past & present ~ May in Boots

  1. Haha the end bit made me laugh about the strangers scenario. Also I find it such a child thing to do to jump on the boys back again after he told you not to, haha.
    And that picture of you sitting in the forest is absolutely gorgeous May.

  2. You definitely had a lucky escape.

    Your life in boots looks so much fun! Especially sat on the grassy mossy mound. One of my favourite ways to while away a couple of hours. Though in walking boots rather than wellies.

  3. I love these little snapshots into your memories of certain shoes. Some great I ages too and yes, the one of Alice is stunning ?

  4. I enjoyed these great stories strung together May. I wear wellies a lot too, for dog walks. I have shared the significance of ‘these boots are made for walking’ in my piece too! I love your snakeskin boots, which would be too high for me to wear.

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