Freedom ~ to be free, to be me

In 2016 I began my blog. Shortly after I incurred a leg injury – which I keep meaning to write about – so only managed to publish about 30 posts until July 2017.

The following month I decided to put more effort into blogging and since then I have publishing almost 370 times

So this is my 400th post.


I feel very proud. And how apt that the topic is one of freedom. The most read older post on this blog is about free speech and censorship. Plus, I am forever bleating on about having the freedom of choice and taking personal responsibility for the choices we make in life.

Liberties  are more than important. One that I value highly  is the freedom to create what I want. With that in mind I’ve written a poem about freedom, rather than penning another essay on the topic.

But first I’d like to add the comment I left in reply to Floss’s post.

Floss talks eloquently about what freedom means to her and how it is something that can be seen differently by each of us. I very much agree with this so wrote…

In my opinion most people don’t think enough about freedom these days – which is why it would be a thought provoking prompt. And you are right, freedom is different for everyone. I am very free in my work life, no set routine – but for some, not knowing what they will be doing in a few weeks time would feel more like a curse. One thing we all should remember is that time is something we cannot buy, so it is important to live our life being as free as we want to be.

This poem (should be read fast) and is my 400th post. 

Freedom for You, Freedom for Me

I wanna b free.
Free to create, free to debate.
Free to care, free to bear all.
Free to embrace and to feel moments of Grace.

I wanna b free.
Free to fuck, free to suck
Free to fear, free to drink beer.
Free to ask and to bask in the sunlight

I wanna b free
Free to choose, free to lose
Free to annoy, free to enjoy life
Free to live and give or take.

I wanna b free.
Free to explore, free to roar.
Free to speak, free to freak out.
Free to love and to rise above.

I wanna be free,
to simply be me.

For me blogging is indeed about the freedom to write what I want. It’s an extremely liberating experience. Thank you to all those in the blogging community who initially inspired me; those that continually support my blog; and the friends I have made. I hope you all enjoy a little freedom in your own lives.

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19 thoughts on “Freedom ~ to be free, to be me”

  1. I enjoyed reading this May, congratulations on 400 posts! You have made me want to go and see how many I have written (not that many!) 🙂

  2. This post made me curious about my numbers. Appears I have published 1818 posts but that is just on my main site. 400 hundred is a massive achievement. Over the years I have seen so many blogs come and go but it the folks who dig in and really create a body of work that I find fascinating and wonderful


        1. That’s good Mr S 😉 i do find that a lot of people are not good with instructions. Take my man, u ask him to do one thing and it will make him wanna do the opposite lol

          1. Well it was your lucky day with me following your instructions. I am good a following an instruction manual, less so at verbel instructions. :-))

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