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Gag me, use me, never let me go ~ Tie Me Up

Gag Me #6  ~ Tie Me Up Tuesday is now on issue six. This is my first entry for various reasons.

Gag Me

My man and I use rope when we have play sessions but it is more for purpose than design.  But when the incredible Mlslave began her meme we were already in lock down without many of our belongings with us. Certainly not a supply of rope!

I would have loved to have tried my hand at so any of the visually stunning rope ties many bloggers have added to the meme. But no rope, no privacy.

However, I value Mlslave as a friend and a fellow blogger so this week i was determined to join in without any rope as the prompt is – Silence Those Subs (with a rope gag).

I can still be gagged by a scarf – indeed I have been in real life.

I took these selfies and had a little play in the Microsoft paint suite – yep – old fashioned paint. These are the mediocre results – but I joined in – at last…

gag me


Tie Me Up – Gag – #6


10 thoughts on “Gag me, use me, never let me go ~ Tie Me Up”

  1. This was a fun way to join and support ML – great images and hopefully you had fun in your headspace too!

  2. I’m enjoying the colour match between the gag and the top, although that isn’t the most important thing. I love the title as well, that really gives a great feel to the image.

    1. I feel for you in the situation you’ve mentioned of not being at home. Glad you can continue blogging and I’m looking forward to when you are taking photos outside and whenever you want again.

  3. This makes me smile! So glad you found a way to join in with a scarf, that definitely works too! I like how you played with the colours for these pictures and how a small part of your top is pulled down so we get a small glimpse of what’s underneath 😉 Am so glad you got to have a little play session. I think that’s the best outcome of this!

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