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Peeping Tom the Gardener

The mistress tells us her version – she finds the gardener peeping.

It is the same story as last week, which was told from the gardeners perspective.

I have also taken up the Micro Flash challenge – it is just under 300 words.

Mistress wants

It was such a hot afternoon I went into the guest room and lay down naked. I fancied a quiet read so switched the bedside lamp on and grabbed a book.

Looking at my outstretched body I suddenly had the notion to stroke my cunt. It felt so silky beneath my fingers, only waxed the previous afternoon.

Suddenly I heard a sound outside the window. Feeling a little uneasy I covered my sex with the novel and glanced over through half-closed lids.

There he was Tom, the scrumptious gardener. My husband employed him in the spring. Throughout the summer months, I had enjoyed observing him creating a rockery with his shirt off and sweat creeping down his sculpted torso. He’d hardly seemed to notice me. But now it was autumn, he could not keep his eyes away.

I was intrigued as to how long he’d stand his ground. Excited, my hand crept under the book, seeking out my wanton slit, then throwing it aside my hole welcomed the intrusion as I began to finger the soft moist flesh.

Looking bravely in his direction I could see his shoulder repeatedly making the same movement and realised he was handling his cock. Was it large, or long or curved? The thought nearly sent me over the edge and when I smiled in his direction his own release was clear to see.

Just one more flick of my thumb as the muscles contracted around my fingers and I felt the climax shake through my body.

I lay still feeling closer to him, at a distance,  than I did my own husband.

After a minute I rose and walked over to the window. Acknowledging his presence I closed the curtains. The gardener had served his purpose very well that afternoon.

300 Word Flash Fiction

17 thoughts on “Peeping Tom the Gardener”

  1. May, I knew whatever you ‘threw down’ was going to be a hot read. I was not disappointed. Long-form…short-form…your raunchy stories steam up my screen at any word-count.

  2. I know this is fiction, May, but I felt I was inside your head looking out at the ‘scrumptious gardener’ and also seeing you.

  3. I love reading her side, and I love those little details you’ve slipped in about the unhappy marriage and wanting the gardener all this time.

  4. Very intriguing. Loved the story, although I admit to skipping the gardener’s POV. I just wanted the woman’s story :D. Several details throughout brought enjoyable realism to the story.

  5. I like your portrayal of the haughty mistress, and the yearning and loneliness under the veneer.
    Sexy handling of the scene despite the short word count, definitely a tale to quicken the pulse and dampen the panties! well done May

  6. I love the bit about watching him work with his shirt off and the hint that her marriage was maybe not the best one. Excellent writing


  7. That is indeed a very short story – and a very hot one! I may have to take an afternoon nap myself!!

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