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Thinking about getting jiggy with a Sex Machine?

Here’s what you need to know:

Looking back, I suppose I could refer to my first ever sexual partner as a sex machine. What I mean is that he was always ready to fuck and being 18 years old he only needed a short break in-between each session. To be honest, his libido was way higher than mine. I didn’t get into my stride until I was in my late twenties and generally having always been attracted to males older than me, when I was in my prime they were not.

I think I may have enjoyed a fuck machine during this time.

My friend’s husband made her one! How cool is that. She told me that:

“Being fucked by a machine that you know will never tire out is an incomparable experience.”

Liz BlackX

There must be some advantage of machine over man… The knowledge that it will keep pumping for exactly as long as you need the stimulation. Not only that, you can change the implement at the end depending on how you are feeling.

For example, if you fancied really being filled up to the brim, then use a large dildo as the extension. Or, if you are well lubed and wanting anal penetration, a smaller product would do a great job.

And what about if your kink is exhibitionism? Why not let your friends, partners etc. watch you being fucked by a machine? But would you have the guts? I don’t think it is a situation I’d be brave enough to undergo, but I know a woman who has. My blogging pal, the barefoot sub, said:

“With an audience, I stepped up onto the stage and stripped from the waist down, got into position and settled down for another completely new experience. I giggled an awful lot, but being watched over by so many people was quite a thrill.”

What to consider when buying a sex machine.

Sex Machines are not considered risqué any more. Did you know that there has even been one on display in a museum as an exhibit?

So if you dream about owning a fuk machine, the moment is ripe! However, there are certain things you should consider…


Be sure to check the dimensions of the toy to ensure it will actually fit in the area you want to use it and also in the place the machine will live when not making your sexual fantasies come true!


Shop around. These sexual machines have gone down a lot in price over the last few years. Make sure you are getting value for money. However, also remember that sometimes you need to pay a little more for a quality product.


Read the specification before buying so that you are clear about what comes free with the equipment. Many of the machines supply you with a variety of different size and shaped dildos along with the actual fuck toy.

Cleaning your sex machine

Check out how easy it is to maintain and clean your chosen product. Do you need to also purchase a certain kind of sex toy cleaner?


Read reviews about the products and also chat with your kinky friends. They may have some great tips and tricks for you. Public reviews can on occasions be false, but your Bessie mate isn’t going to lie to you.


If you have a partner, then include them when you are window shopping. You may not want a crowd to be there when the equipment is put to use, but often sex toys are more fun when the experience is shared with a special someone. I am sure my man would get off on me being pumped for my enjoyment while he watched. Also, some couples would be happy to share the sexual benefits of such a machine.

So guys… What are you waiting for? With the taboo regarding buying sex toys diminishing as the years go by, in my opinion, there has never been a better time to purchase a fuk machine!

The above article is a sponsored post written by me.

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MMM Sex Machine

6 thoughts on “Thinking about getting jiggy with a Sex Machine?”

  1. I got one of those cheap ones from Sohimi, and was sorely disappointed (and yet, not sore at all, lol). I think a better manufacturer would be an improvement. Love that Liz’s husband built her one. I’ve obviously been giving my hubby the wrong task 🙂

  2. I have always been intrigued by fucking machines and would love to own one. Who knows, maybe one day! Thanks for the information, May 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Hey Gemma, good to see u – it’s not really a review, just an article about sex machines – they look like a fun purchase though x

  3. This does sound like a lot of spicy fun – and the option to choose what size/type of dildo fits on the end of the machine has a certain appeal. I think a fuk machine would help a lot of people live the dream of a MMF threesome, with none of the risk of jealousy!

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