Gino ~ an abrupt beginning and end

My best friend was and still is Vic. Many years ago we felt our joint needs or wants were more important than others around us. That selfishness was also the impetus behind this true story.

You see Vic and I had been close for years and then we fell in love. For me it was a revelation as I thought that I had loved Jim. You only know what real love is when it hits you between the eyes like a ten-ton truck and why or how that happened when Vic and I had practically grown up together I don’t know, but it did. At the time I was still with Jim but my feelings for Vic were so strong that after a few weeks I finished our relationship. Vic, however, was a wimp and carried on seeing Beth for another four months. During that time I was sore and angry with him. Often trying to get him back for not taking our relationship seriously.

One day this happened.

 A True Tale About Gino

So, I was on my way to meet Vic from work. A posh square in the West End of London. Tits bouncing along, no bra. Tight jeans painting the outline of my equally tight bum cheeks. Blonde hair blowing back in the summer breeze. I was a babe, and I knew it.

A guy began to walk in step beside me. He was young and quite hot. Swarthy and impeccably dressed. We began to chat, laughing and joking as I dodged the commuters on route. He was not threatening,  just chancing his luck, asking me where I worked and maybe stupidly I told him. He said he would be waiting for me the following day when I finished.

And there he was. Gino.

I smiled as he handed me a take-out coffee. We sat on the wall and sipped them. He told me his family owned a few Italian wine bars. I knew them. He managed one near where I worked. He was funny, the right age and intelligent. What more did I want? Ah yes – Vic!

But of course I agreed to go out with him, I pondered that I might have fun and I could hopefully make Vic jealous. Oh, people don’t judge, I was young!

He pulled out all the stops for me. Told me to dress up. We started off in a champagne bar then went to Stringfellows – if you are too young to know, look it up. We eat there which would have cost a bomb and then joined some high profile guests. None of this impressed me. My head was not easily turned. I started mixing with so-called pop stars from a young age and Vic worked in the music industry so I was used to celebrity parties by this time. But, he impressed me. Such a gentleman and genuinely interested in me and my life. I was actually enjoying myself.

We drunk a little too much and when he asked me back to his flat I said yes. Now I do have to say this was very unusual for me. One day I will write a list of my men, there really has not been that many. More than some but less than most 😉

He had a nice pad. Like I said, he had everything going for him. Before long we were on the floor snogging and as a red-blooded male, he was chancing his luck. I was particularly cross with Vic as he had let me down only the previous week so I was not in the mood for resisting on his account.

But then things escalated fast. Suddenly my knickers were off, his fingers were in my cunt and his mouth was on mine. You couldn’t blame him. I writhed down on his hand and he flipped me onto my knees. Condom on, cock in – fuck we were having intercourse!

He was shafting me like he bloody meant it, loved it, wanted it. And I was there on my knees, doggy style thinking how did I get here?

It was OK but all of a sudden it felt wrong, on my account. Prostituting myself to make the man I loved jealous.

STOP,” I shouted at the top of my lungs. Risky request.

But you know what this guy did? His cock was hard as hell. Aroused as he would ever be. In the moment. In our space. BUT

He stopped immediately.

Heard me. Heard the emotion in my voice. Pulled out without questioning.

I sat up feeling more than awkward.



Told him about Vic.

He ordered me a cab home. It was a very long journey and expensive, yet he came with me.

Next day he called asking if I was OK.

This contiued – he called frequently over the next few months wanting to take me out.

I didn’t see him again but I look back and I think to myself things could have turned nasty but I was lucky.

Gino, what a guy!

Awkward Moments #10



Gino – Abrupt end


Risky sex
Round 6

Now if I had been interested in having more than one sexual partner then I am sure Gino would have been in the frame. Fairy Cake explains how polyamory is a balancing act.

Victoria discusses how when she falls in Love she never falls out. I can understand that as Vic and I are not together anymore but I still love him.

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9 thoughts on “Gino ~ an abrupt beginning and end”

  1. I was both sad that it ended and also so grateful Gino was a decent man who stopped when you told him to. And even though the part of me turned on by what I was reading wish it could have continued, I admire that you realized what you were doing and stopped it right then.

  2. Wow!! It’s sooo fucking sad that I’m hella impressed about a guy being decent and listening when you say stop, but here we are. My thoughts are if things had been different, he would’ve been a good guy to spend time with.

  3. Isn’t sad that we are applauding the way Gino behaved because we all know that many men would not have been like that? That is such a sobering thought


  4. May you are exceptionally good at making me feel ALL the things when I read your posts. I was so into this and then it stopped! All at once I was bereft and delighted. Bereft because had you desired to carry on I think this would have turned into a smoking hot session, more so though I am delighted to read that you said stop and Gino did as all of us should and stopped. I wish that wasn’t a ’round of applause’ for Gino moment, because it should be a given, but we all know it isn’t and that is why you made me feel all the things. Well done May xxx

    1. Thanks Floss the funny was that at the time I assumed he would stop – it was only after when i thought about it I realised some would not have x

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