Give your hands to serve & your hearts to love

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The latest prompt for Tell me About is Services.  Asking about how we serve as a submissive.

Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love – Mother Teresa.

I’m not a service sub. I enjoy being  submissive in the bedroom but on an every day basis I don’t “serve” my man. Though I know he would like me to.

To be honest I don’t believe that being a service sub is wildly removed form my psyche. But we are together an awful lot of the time so to me it would seem odd. If, however, he went off to work everyday and then came home tired and needy,  I am sure I could bestow a few services on him 😉

Serve for Money

The other day I wrote a little about my time working in a wine bar while I was studying for my degree.

May More the Student

It all started one evening when I was meeting a friend in London. We popped into this city wine bar – not far from fleet street and was served by the owner – a very attractive middle aged man. It wasn’t until weeks later I learned that he had been a popular and talented football player – in his hay-day.

After chatting with my friend and me we learned he was looking for a waitress. The bar rarely opened in the evenings but was extremely popular at lunch time with reporters and money brokers. Luckily the days he was busiest were precisely the two I was free.

I am tall with long legs and in those days I was very slim too. My new boss, Barry, explained that his clients expected excellent service from attractive bar staff. He could see I fitted the bill but wanted to clarify that I would be encouraged to wear high heels, short skirts and/or tight fitting clothes in general. The hourly rate was very good so without hesitation, even though I had never been a waitress before, I asked him when I could start.

Loving my work

From the first moment I loved it. I worked with a gorgeous and very sexy dutch girl and we soon learned, along with a fab chef from New Zealand, we made a great team.

My two weekly shifts started at 11.45am. It did feel a little odd putting on full make-up and dressing up as if I was about to go to a night club at 10.30 in the morning.  But who was I to argue, particularly when I received my wages. The tips we received more than doubled my earnings. It was incredible.

The punters were mainly well educated and polite. It was lunch time, they could only put away so many bottles of champagne. Not only that, I got a free meal at the end of my shift.

It also turned out that I was a natural at serving. I enjoyed the job and I also enjoyed being very handsomely rewarded for my efforts.

One last thing. Barry was married to a twin. One day she came in with her sister. They were identical. It got me wondering about what fun those girls must have had in their lives!

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To Serve as a Submissive

16 thoughts on “Give your hands to serve & your hearts to love

  1. Haha, if he were to work every day and came home tired and needy. This fits your personality so much!

    Sexy Dutch girl huh!
    Honestly your life always sounds like it’s been so wild. I love how you just lived your life and picked up opportunities all around. Such a way of life!

  2. You look gorgeous!! That job sounded like it would be fun. Not something I would have qualified for though. So I’ll just have to live vicariously through your memories! But I also feel a twin story forming in the recesses of your mind!

      1. Hmmm. A gym at closing… forest rangers rescuing a hiker… hikers happening upon a fisherman/fishermen… a beach at sunset… well there are a few! lol. I always try to be helpful!

  3. First of all, that image of you is sooooo hot. I spent a while looking at that before I even started reading. I think that often service is about our own perception. I am sure there are lots of things you do for one another that you don’t feel are service but for someone else the same act could have a different meaning. Being of service helps to reinforce the submissive feelings rather than the more dominant ones I might otherwise get so it can work for me in that way. Sounds like your waiting days were fun and I am not surprised you were good at it! A great post – thanks for adding it 🙂

  4. in the 80s my GF at the time worked as a waitress/server in a nightclub. She was so popular the owner built her her own (small) cocktail bar, where she was ‘manager’ ie it was just her serving champagne and expensive cocktails to stock market types and car dealers.
    It was interesting to watch the evolution in her self selected attire. Like you she always dressed ‘smart and sexy’ but once she got her own little bar the skirts got shorter and she started wearing see thru white mesh shirts with a black lace bra underneath. On a busy summer night the mesh shirt would be removed as the night wore in. And make no mistake, this was an upmarket ‘classy’ club.
    The tips kept going up and up with very graduation of her ‘look’ of course. Who knows what she would have been wearing had the 1987 global share market crash not happened?

    1. Nb: if not clear. The new bar was built inside the existing club. It sat 8 people. More if the men stood. It was her ‘weekend job’, she worked in an office 9-5

    2. Interesting as looking back I started this when I started Uni at the end of 1986 and I left in the July of 1987. Just a few months b4 the crash! I had to leave as my uni days changed to practically all week so I wasn’t free. Instead, with my new skills, I took an evening job in a local to me restaurant that obviously was not effected by the crash.

  5. I can imagine (back then when it was ok to employ people to be decorative) that it was fun & you were good at it.

    I feel a twin story cooking in your cranium now!

    1. Yes it didn’t work if you could not deliver the goods. I was an excellent waitress! lol It was all transnational – like life really xx

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