Glorious Awakening ~ Giving and Receiving

Glorious Awakening ~ Giving and Receiving

You don’t always have to both be in the mood for sex to reach a glorious outcome.

Our sex life has suffered recently as managing a new way of life has made us somewhat tired and irritable.

The other evening my man spent time caressing me. Then licking my cunt to perfection resulting in the most intense orgasm I have had in some time. I really get off on giving him pleasure so wanted to reciprocate. But he was tired. We fell asleep after a half-hearted effort on my part,

He awoke horny, from not climaxing the evening before, but also because he’d had such a good nights sleep. Attempting to rouse me but my lights did not come on.ย  I was really sleepy. The feeling of heaviness behind my eyes wouldn’t give up. I put my head on his shoulder and went in for a cuddle.

He moved his nails up and down my back as I rubbed my tits against his side. Then I started drifting into slumber again.

I was in that in-between place but realised he had pushed my head further down his torso, resting it on the warmness of his stomach. Comfy, I thought, half opening my eyes.

He had his erect cock in hand and was slowly pulling back the foreskin.

I closed my lids with the image imprinted behind them and then felt the sleek softness of his knob caressing my mouth.

Ah that’s his game.

I opened my lips slightly and he used his cock like a lipstick –

muttering that my mouth was made for fucking.

Pumping his dick a little faster now he pushed my head forward so without any added intervention his cock sunk into the warm moistness of my mouth.

Back and forth.

Suddenly it hit me how hot this was.

Me laying still, head on his tummy, half asleep and him using my mouth for his own pleasure without any consideration.

My cunt began to throb. I remained where I was, far too turned on to want to move.

He continued to brush my lips with his cock.


Then he pushed my head forward again, impaled my face, his moans getting louder, rubbing his shaft all over my cheeks.

Holding my headย  he played his dick a bit more, enjoying the moment, until the cum shot out, over

my eyes,



You name it, I was covered. It was indeed a glorious awakening ๐Ÿ˜‰

On this occasion, giving and being the receiver were one and the same…

glorious awakening
Giving ~ Glorious Awakening

glourious awakening

The content and image from this post has been updated – the original was published in Oct 2018

28 thoughts on “Glorious Awakening ~ Giving and Receiving

  1. A wonderful morning indeed! There’s nothing quite like sleepy mornings of erotic pleasure. I would say this Definately is MMM worthy.

  2. Being woken up with my OH’s face in my crotch makes me uncomfortable, but waking to see his cock inches from my mouth…ungh! It’s one of the best ways to be nudged from sleep, and you’ve written that quiet, almost passive receptiveness perfectly.x

  3. I love that early morning pull for release and to sink into it, and each other, whilst still relaxed and dreamlike. Very erotic and arousing, what a wonderful experience, thanks for sharing.

  4. I love these times when I am woken to be used. It feels much more primal somehow and I get turned on at the thought that he is literally taking his pleasure through me and that I am available to him. I hot account ?

  5. oh glorious indeed. Glad I came over to read, May. It’s so nice to read about a foreskin (since many US writers don’t think of them). Lovely, not quite awake. Every now and again, my Master will manage something like that, but usually He goes with me being too sleepy isn’t very fun.

  6. Oh itโ€™s been so looong since Iโ€™ve had this sort of pleasure. Iโ€™m a tad envious but so glad you two had this gloriously relaxed interaction. Sounds like you should get tired more often! ?

  7. Not only a lovely recounting of a wonderfully hot experience but the way you lay out your words on the page all adds to the reading pleasure. Reminded me of e e cummings. (No pun intended) CPxx

  8. Mmmm, that sounds very hot indeed May. Iโ€™ve done something similar once, driven by desperation due to drought. Iโ€™d like to think my wife was as turned on as you were, so thanks for writing your story so well.

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