God is a Concept: Believing in Me

God is a Concept: Believing in Me

God and the Universe

John Lennon has always been one of my heroes.

My step father was from Liverpool so when I was a kid we had all the old Beatles records and books too.

John stood out. He’d come from a difficult background but was not going to let that get in his way. In some ways once he was famous, at the top of the celebrity tree, it was easy for him to speak out. But in others it was not.  Everything he said,  even in passing, was scrutinized.

But he was tough fellow. When I saw the prompt for Wicked Wednesday his song immediately started to go around in my head. Quite apt I think.


God is a concept
By which we measure
Our pain
I’ll say it again
God is a concept
By which we measure
Our pain

I don’t believe in magic
I don’t believe in I-ching
I don’t believe in Bible
I don’t believe in tarot
I don’t believe in Hitler
I don’t believe in Jesus
I don’t believe in Kennedy
I don’t believe in Buddha
I don’t believe in Mantra
I don’t believe in Gita
I don’t believe in Yoga
I don’t believe in kings
I don’t believe in Elvis
I don’t believe in Zimmerman
I don’t believe in Beatles
I just believe in me
Yoko and me
And that’s reality

The dream is over
What can I say?
The dream is over

During the last few years I have got to this place too.

For sure, in my life I have turned to God more than once when I have found myself in dire situations. Even though I don’t believe in him. I suspect what I am really doing is asking the universe for help.

But in the main I just believe in me as an individual – and my immediate family.

That seems like an intelligent place to come from, but then I remember what happened to John.

They shot him…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace…



19 thoughts on “God is a Concept: Believing in Me

  1. I’ve been deeply immersed in religion so this is a tool that requires a lot of thought. I’ve unintentionally/intentionally distanced myself from my religious roots over the years for many reasons so I don’t often have a clear view of spirituality. I believe in God, but am distant from him. I don’t know if I believe in myself though to find away through. It’ll take me many more years to sort it, I think. Thanks for making me think.

  2. I too suspect we are asking the universe rather than god. I am very much a non believer when it comes to religion. He was killed because ofhis influence, because he stood for what was good. Kinda like Princess Di imo. x

  3. Your post gave me a lot to think about May and I am pleased about that as I enjoy a thinky post. I think that being celebrated for our individuality is an important thing and it is a pity when others see it as a challenge to their own choices, rather than simply being about your own. A world where diversity and difference is celebrated would surely be a beautiful one, although cynically I feel there a combination of human nature and elements in society mean that it would never be allowed to happen. ?

    1. I am glad I managed to do that in so few words too Missy –
      I bought my kids up to be individuals and they are.
      One thing I used to do when they asked “Mum can we do …” or “Can we have…” – and my initial reaction was “no” – I would then say- “OK – you tell me why I should change my mind.” – And if their argument was good enough or focused on points that I had not thought of, I would then change my mind. Mona was quite skilled at this…

  4. I almost commented by posting the “It’s just a ride” text by Bill Hicks, it’s very similar in sentiment.

    God means a lot of different things. There does seem to be a spiritual impulse that resides in the human psyche. Call it God, or the Universe or Gaia to which we cast our rants, bargains, pleas or just plain argue, is what most of us do when life ain’t quite how we hoped it would be.


  5. The first time I heard ‘I don’t believe in a god, I believe in myself’ was when my son in law said it, and it took me weeks to understand just how beautiful this is.

    Rebel xox

  6. I remember when I heard about John Lennon’s death. I don’t have a lot of those moments but I do for John. It hit me hard. And the sentiments of “Imagine” are where this world needs to go… but never will.

      1. Because the “powers that be” were scared of influence he had. And too start the crusade for gun control. People would be upset that some crazy man got a gun and shot a brilliant musician. Tighter gun control in Amerika. 🙁
        He was truly ahead of his time. He stood strong for what he believed in and what he wished the world could be.
        Great post.

        1. And it probably does not surprise you Cat that I knew a little about that about him. When u ‘worship’ someone in the public eye and they are killed u delve deep for answers – glad u admired him too x

  7. Wouldn’t that be lovely? A world with no hate, a world where we converse respectfully and politely? Not likely to become reality though…

    Sweetgirl x

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