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Golden Times Back in my Day

The wicked Wednesday prompt is “Back in my Day.”

The funny thing is that back in my day, life was exciting and learning about kink was mind-blowing. It was back in my day that taboo events hit my world. One of them being the much discussed Golden Showers.

Inspired by those memories, I have written a short fiction tale – I hope you enjoy it.

Shower Time is Golden

Listening to him speak about peeing on me was making my cunt clench

“You want to piss on me. Are you having a laugh?”

“Look Lisa, I wouldn’t lie about something so — so bloody hot. Piss is hot. When it leaves the body, it spurts out in steaming, golden jets. And I want to watch as it splashes over your caramel skin and see you cover that angelic face of yours with your hands from the humiliation of being degraded in such a way… The thought of it gets me hard.”

I had only been dating Tim for a week when he told me I needed to know his deepest desire. Now listening to him speak about peeing on me, almost poetically, was making my needy cunt clench. Revealing that his kink was mine, too.

We went straight up to his bathroom; I got naked and laid in the tub. Right there in front of me he began to undress, staring at my ripe tits and glistening slit, telling me what a dirty, dirty girl I was for allowing him to use me for his own perverse pleasure.

Finally, he was standing there, holding his dick, and I was on my back waiting, ready — hands on face. More out of not wanting any of his urine to splash near my mouth, than feeling abased. After a few seconds, I was getting a little chilly and hoping that his pee would arrive soon and heat me up. But still nothing happened.

I peeped through a crack in my fingers, and Tim was angling his dick at me, but of course he was so turned on he can’t piss through his rock-hard erection.

“Damn,” he exclaimed. “You are too bloody horny. Just look at you.”

With that, he frantically began tugging his rod, and very soon his warm jizz shot through the air and landed in globules all over my torso.

He groaned with the last jerk of his shaft, then looked down with a wicked grin,

“Oh, yeah… Now… it’s shower time.”

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8 thoughts on “Golden Times Back in my Day”

  1. Never tried water sports, But I can understand the desire (for those with a degradation kink). Good story telling as always May!

  2. What a predicament! I love to be marked with spunk and pee, but washing off the sound with pee would make me sad! Like a trifle the cream goes on top.

    Watersports is such fun, and i rarely get to read any pee-play tales. Thank you for sharing this story. N x

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